What are Water Soluble Stabilizers?
What are Water Soluble Stabilizers?

What are Water Soluble Stabilizers?

It’s does not take loads of your time within the embroidery hobby till you encounter the term Water Soluble Embroidery Stabilizer, abbreviated as WSS. Water soluble stabilizers ar embroidery backings that dissolve 100% in water and disappear. Water soluble backings ar on the market in a very serious plastic like film kind, and a stabilizer that resembles cloth. They each do identical issue and that one you utilize is personal preference.

What’s a remove / wash away stabilizer, is that identical thing? several new embroiderers get WSS confused with tear/wash away backings. A WSS is formed from water soluble fibers that dissolve in water. A tear-wash away embroidery stabilizer is formed from non-soluble fibers (that do not dissolve in water) command along by a water soluble binder. Upon laundry a tear/wash away, the binder dissolves permitting the backing to interrupt apart and also the fibers to clean away, nevertheless the stitches stay firmly secured because of the fibers that stay beneath the stitches.


Freestanding lace, or FSL, is what water soluble stabilizers ar most used for. FSL styles ar digitized to remain along while not the support of stabilizer. The styles ar freelance or “free standing” and holds itself along once the stabilizer is dissolved. With separate lace, you’re ready to create elaborated items like ornaments, decorations, jewelry, and more.

You can use water soluble backings for free-motion or programmed computerised embroidery. For free-motion work, they’re nice once you’re operating with materials which will be troublesome to mark, you’ll be able to draw your style right them to make your own sewing guide pattern.

When you ar able to dissolve the stabilizer, it has always best to chop away the maximum amount as you’ll be able to initial to reduce any mess. Most WSS can dissolve if immersed and agitated in lukewarm water. make certain all the backing dissolves and also the residue is rinsed off your stitches before it dries once more.

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