Brother Innovis 800E embroidery machine review
Brother Innovis 800E embroidery machine review

Brother Innovis 800E embroidery machine review

Technical characteristics of the Innovis 800E

Here are the main technical characteristics of the Innov-is 800E embroidery machine:

The Brother Innov-is 800E is equipped with a color LCD touch screen. It allows easy navigation and is quite intuitive. You have, for example, the possibility to select the size of the frame you want to use. In this case, only patterns of the correct size will appear. Once you have chosen your pattern, all you have to do is drag it into the space provided for the creation. You can then modify its size, rotate it, add other patterns, lettering, etc.
Directly on the machine, you have 138 patterns, 11 built-in fonts and the possibility of creating your own patterns from software.
Once the embroidery has started, you will see practical information relating to it appear on the screen. For example, you will find the time it will take to create the pattern(s), the remaining time, the number of color changes, etc. This information is practical for organizing yourself, for example if you wish to be absent or do other things. thing while waiting.
It is also equipped with a USB port to allow you to embroider designs that are not on the machine.
You have an embroidery space of 160 x 260 mm. This space is rather large and already offers a large embroidery area.
The embroidery speed is 850 stitches per minute.
The machine has an automatic threading system, an automatic thread tension adjustment system, an automatic thread cutter, but above all, a sensor that tells you if the upper or lower thread is broken or finished.
It is sold with the accessories that are usually found at Brother, such as bobbins, the necessary to clean your machine, the large embroidery hoop, etc. You can also choose optional accessories, smaller embroidery hoop for example, which you will need to purchase separately.
His advantages
The Brother Innov-is 800E has everything a great. Indeed, we will highlight its advantages such as:

its ability to create embroideries of high quality and precision on all types of fabrics;
its ease of use and its handling which is relatively easy thanks to the touch screen which will guide you throughout the process. In addition, the installation of the frame, the positioning of the pattern on the fabric, etc., are also convenient;
we also appreciate its embroidery speed which allows you to quickly obtain pretty patterns;
the embroidery surface is quite large and offers many possibilities;
threading is easy thanks to the numbers indicated on the guide and the various automated systems such as the thread cutter, etc.
Its disadvantages
The Brother Innov-is 800E still has some small drawbacks.

Its major disadvantage is that it only comes with the large embroidery hoop. It may then be necessary to buy a smaller frame to have a frame suitable for making small patterns. It is certainly possible to use the large frame for small projects, but it is then necessary to use more reinforcement and the fabric is less well maintained. A second frame would therefore not be too much.
We also regret the absence of a stylus, like the one supplied with some other machines. It allows easier navigation on the touch screen, but that’s a detail.
Finally, the thread cutting is done at the end of a color, which means that you have to cut the threads yourself within the same color.

Who is the Brother Innov-is 800E embroidery machine for?

The Brother Innov-is 800E machine is a machine for seamstresses wishing to have a machine exclusively dedicated to embroidery or who already have a sewing machine which they do not want to part with.

Thanks to its large space for embroidery, it is perfectly suitable for personalizing household linen, but also, for example, the back of a jacket, etc.

If it allows you to make fairly large embroideries, it also does a very good job on small patterns.

As it allows high quality embroidery to be made, it will be able to satisfy a wide audience: from beginners to professionals, including embroidery enthusiasts, etc.

Our opinion on the Brother Innovis 800E embroidery machine
To conclude, Brother offers us here an embroidery machine with a very good quality/price ratio. Especially since the brand has made its mark and offers us high quality machines. This one is no exception.

The Brother Innov-is 800E embroidery machine produces very beautiful embroideries in no time. And you will enjoy making them! It is indeed very playful and offers many possibilities which allows it to obtain a place of choice in our comparison of the best embroiderers of 2022.

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