Brother Innovis V3 embroidery machine review
Brother Innovis V3 embroidery machine review

Brother Innovis V3 embroidery machine review

Presentation of the Innovis V3 embroidery machine

The Innov-is V3 embroidery machine is brought to us by Brother. The brand in itself is already a guarantee of quality. Indeed, Brother has now largely proven its expertise for more than 100 years with high-performance machines and offering professional results.

The Innov-is V3 embroidery machine is exclusively reserved for embroidery. It also exists in a limited edition.

The Innov-is V3 machine offers a large embroidery area of ​​300 x 180 mm. It achieves no less than 1,050 stitches per minute. It is equipped with a thread cutter and automatic tension adjustment.

Its USB port will allow you to easily add new embroidery designs to those already provided. You also have the option of connecting the embroidery machine to your PC. You can then reduce or enlarge the size of these models, rotate them, combine several of them, etc. This way, you have a lot of freedom to do all your embroideries. You will also have a large LCD and touch screen, which will be all the more practical for modifying your projects directly on the screen, simply and quickly.

His advantages
This embroidery machine has significant advantages.

Its automatic threading will save you considerable time.
From its color LCD screen, you can easily make your selections and modifications.
As you can see in the description of its use, the Innov-is V3 embroidery machine is simple and quite intuitive.
For the rest, you will benefit from a user manual in French. If you are just starting out, there are also books or workshops (in some cities) to help you.
To make your bobbins with ease, Brother has added a spool pin. You will be able to make your bobbins without having to unthread the thread from the needle and even without stopping your embroidery in progress.
It has a 5-year warranty on both parts and labor.
The machine is supplied with basic accessories like a set of needles, bobbins, screwdrivers for the maintenance and use of your machine, bobbin reinforcements, etc. To simplify your work, there is also possible to purchase additional accessories according to your needs. To take full advantage of your machine, you can also opt for an update kit.

Its disadvantages
The biggest drawback of this machine is its price. Although it is up to the quality offered, it represents a real obstacle for some.
In addition, to take full advantage of it, it may be necessary to additionally invest in additional accessories, such as frames of other sizes, which further increase the total bill. We may therefore also regret that accessories such as these, among others, are not provided when purchasing the Brother Innov-is V3.

Its use
As you will see in this description, its use is relatively simple. Here is how to properly use the Innov-is V3:

Before starting to embroider, check that the needle is suitable for the fabric to be embroidered and that the one in place is in good condition.
secondly, you have to prepare your fabric. That is, put stabilizer material on the fabric using an iron or heat press in the desired location for the embroidery. The reinforcement must be larger than the intended embroidery.
the fabric can then be installed in the embroidery hoop.
it is then time to prepare the bobbin, then install it in its place.
you must then thread the upper thread following the guides indicated on the machine one by one.
the frame can then be installed on the embroidery machine carriage and secured by lowering the latch.
all that remains is to choose the design to be embroidered, to select “adjust” to adjust, then “embroidery” to start, to lower the presser foot, then to click on the button which lights up in green. The embroidery machine is then ready to start and complete the project of your choice.

Our opinion on the Brother Innov-is V3 embroidery machine
In conclusion, the Brother Innov-is V3 embroidery machine is a considerable investment, since its price is around 2,500 € depending on where you pick it up.

Nevertheless, in view of its technical characteristics, the final quality obtained, its precision in the realization, etc., the price is justified. It also occupies first place in our opinion on the best embroidery machines in 2022.

During our test, we appreciated being able to embroider on such large surfaces. In this way, you will be able to embroider all your projects not exceeding 30 by 18 cm in a single operation.

We also appreciate its speed of realization thanks to the number of points per minute that it offers. Being able to connect your computer to the embroidery machine, as well as a USB key, is a real asset. You can thus, during your creations, let your creativity speak without having to confine yourself to the models that are offered to you.

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