Janome Memorycraft 500E review
Janome Memorycraft 500E review

Janome Memorycraft 500E review

The Janome brand


Janome comes from the Japanese “Ja No Me” which means snake eye (think round can!). Janome is a Japanese company that was founded in 1921. With nearly 100 years of experience, it has managed to position itself as the leading manufacturer of family sewing machines worldwide. Janome sewing machines have thus become more and more successful over the years.

However, it does not only offer sewing machines: you can also choose an overlocker, a cover or even an embroidery machine. The success encountered by the company prompted it to open a second factory, then a third to meet the growing demand. Janome offers quality products at a competitive price. The company guarantees a sustainable purchase and competent after-sales service. Janome is aimed at both beginners and more experienced seamstresses.

Features of the Janome Memory craft 500E

Janome Memory craft 500E
Here are the main technical characteristics of the Memory craft 500E serger:

The Memory craft 500E has an embroidery space of 200 x 280 mm. This is located on the right to allow you to take advantage of maximum space for your work.
Its 5 LED lights will give you good visibility.
It can achieve 860 stitches per minute.
It has a connection system for your PC and one for your USB key.
The machine is equipped with a 5” color touch screen, i.e. 62.8 x 110.9 mm.
You’ll enjoy a new bobbin installation system with built-in thread cutter and bobbin filler.
The machine automatically adjusts the thread tension.
Not only does it automatically cut the thread, it also allows you to program the cutting of the needle thread and the bobbin thread.
The Memory craft 500E is equipped with a sensor that warns you when the bobbin is finished or the thread breaks.

Memory Craft 500E Embroidery Designs and Possibilities

This embroiderer also has patterns that are directly available. You will already benefit from 160 patterns. Among them, some more childish motifs such as a dinosaur, a rocket, etc., to personalize a creation for a child, whether it is a little boy or a little girl with the little dancer, for example. You will discover superb geometric or floral patterns, but also Chinese characters. In addition to these, you will have the possibility to choose from 6 alphabet styles in 3 different sizes to embroider initials, a first name, etc.. Can’t find what you’re looking for among these patterns? Just plug in your computer to find more or transfer to a USB drive. You will be able to expand your possibilities and realize all your ideas.

The Janome MC 500E has many advantages:

We will emphasize the precision of the embroidery, whatever the fabric.
You can embroider a terry cloth as well as a simple cotton, for example, and on a large surface if you wish.
The integrated accessories allow you to take full advantage of the machine and the various functions.
The different connectors offer the possibility of creating numerous patterns and extending the possibilities.
It is not very noisy which makes it very pleasant to use.

On the downside, like all embroiderers, one could highlight the price. Indeed, it is a rather large investment. Nevertheless, this embroiderer proves to be more competitive compared to others in the same price range.
Some might blame him for his message in German at startup. If this were to happen to you, nothing could be simpler, just raise the needle.
Its very straight design and the visual on the LCD screen gives it a somewhat austere look. That said, it’s only an aesthetic detail that has no impact on its performance, but visually, we might tend to be tempted by another model with a more user-friendly look.
Janome Memorycraft 500E Review
The Janome Memory craft 500E is equipped with an embroidery space located on the right. This practical detail allows you to take advantage of a less bulky machine since it is only 56 cm long by 33 cm wide and 46 cm high.

Its color touch screen allows you to access the patterns and modify them quite easily. In addition, you will have access to all the information: dimensions, duration of the embroidery, etc.

A stylus is sold with it to facilitate navigation on the screen. If, for the realization of your embroidery, you cannot frame your fabric, you have the possibility of making a stitch or a double basting stitch from your machine.

Opinion on the Memory craft 500E from Janome

This embroidery machine has a very good price/quality ratio. Compared to other embroiderers in the same price range, the Memory craft 500E is quite competitive. She currently occupies the second place in our selection of the best embroiderers in 2022.

We benefit from a machine that is very efficient and this, on a whole range of fabrics. It is quite easy to use and its touch screen will guide you to get started. Then, as you progress, you will discover many very interesting little features.

It is a machine of great reliability that will allow you to make very good quality embroideries. We appreciate the 20 x 28 cm embroidery field which offers many possibilities and allows for large embroideries.

In addition, it comes with three frames and many accessories, which is very valuable for good use. Finally, it is not too noisy which, compared to others, is very pleasant.

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