Brother HF37 sewing machine test and review

The very famous Brother brand offers us here a machine with a sober design with touches of black and gray which give it a rather elegant style. Admittedly, we like its all-purpose aesthetics, but since design is not everything, we invite you to discover the Brother HF37 in more detail: what are its characteristics, but also its advantages, its disadvantages, as well as our opinion on this last.

Introducing the Brother HF37 Sewing Machine

A newer version of the Brother RH137, the Brother HF37 is a mechanical sewing machine from the well-known Japanese company, Brother. This machine offers a fairly large number of features that leaves room for the realization of all kinds of projects.

So, with this machine, you can let your creativity do the talking. The reputation of the brand is well established. And for good reason, in more than a century the company has managed to grow considerably, but also to be recognized on a global scale. One condition for this: to offer high-quality sewing machines that are both intuitive and innovative. Qualities that the HF37 does not lack.

The technical characteristics of the Brother HF37

The main features of the Brother HF37 are:

she is a mechanical sewing machine;
it offers 37 utilitarian and decorative stitches, including the straight stitch, the elastic stitch, the zig-zag stitch, etc. ;
it allows buttonholes to be made automatically and in one step;
the needle threading is automatic;
it can achieve 800 stitches per minute;
this speed can be adjusted using the rheostat pedal supplied with it;
the point is adjustable in width, but also in length;
it is equipped with a free arm;
the bobbin is installed horizontally;
the workspace benefits from LED lighting;
it is sold with many accessories, including 6 crowbars, the rigid protective cover and the small essentials, such as the screwdriver, the cleaning brush, etc. ;
it weighs 8.5 kg;
it is delivered with an initiation DVD to facilitate its handling;
the warranty is 3 years and spare parts are available for 8 years.

Its strengths
The HF37 brings together many positive points.

It is an overall very complete machine. We appreciate its versatility. Indeed, thanks to its 37 points, it is possible to carry out all kinds of projects. In addition, it is possible to tackle different fabrics, such as stretch thanks to the elastic stitch, more delicate fabrics thanks to the non-stick feet, but also thicker fabrics, such as jeans, among others.
Getting started is quite easy, especially with the initiation DVD supplied with the sewing machine.
We appreciate the various accessories sold with the machine that allow you to take full advantage of the different features, but also to be able to maintain your machine properly. Moreover, we will highlight the presence of a rigid cover, which is quite rare, but widely appreciated to protect the sewing machine from dust between uses or to be able to transport it.
Its already generally simple and quick threading is further facilitated by the automatic threading of the needle, but also by the bobbin which is easy to install horizontally and which, when starting up, it is not necessary to bring up the thread.
It is a machine that will be very efficient, whether for alterations, classic sewing or even more sophisticated creations.
It is not very noisy, which is quite appreciable when you do not live alone or when you sew for several hours.
Moreover, it is a stainless steel machine, which makes it more durable. It also benefits from a 3-year warranty and parts are available for 8 years. What to enjoy for a long time.
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Its weak points
This machine has many advantages, but since no machine is perfect, we can still blame it for a few points.

When starting out with this machine, adjusting the thread tension can cause some difficulty. Nothing insurmountable though.
You also have to get used to adapting your speed using the pedal, because it is not equipped with a speed limiter.
Finally, with its 8.5 kg, it is quite heavy. It is better not to have to carry it around for too long. However, this weight is the guarantee of perfect stability on the table while you sew. Indeed, we have repeatedly observed that a machine that is too light tends to move on the work table, or even fall, when the sewing speed is high.
What types of audiences is it aimed at?
It is a sewing machine that is aimed at a wide audience.

Beginners will appreciate the initiation DVD which will allow them to get to know the sewing machine better and faster. In addition, it is an intuitive sewing machine. If you can start with it, you can also progress with it. This machine being versatile, you will not find yourself limited by its possibilities.

As for the others, whether for occasional sewing or intensive use, it will satisfy all little hands thanks to the quality of its work.

Moreover, its design makes it more appealing to all people who are not fans of pastel colors.

Our opinion on the Brother HF37 sewing machine
As you will have understood, the Brother HF37 is a sewing machine that benefits from many advantages. Once again, Brother has been able to meet the needs of seamstresses and seamstresses and allow them to give free rein to their creativity with this sewing machine. We are undoubtedly seduced by its aesthetics, but also by its various functionalities which allow projects to be carried out from start to finish in all kinds of fabrics. It is a robust machine that will prove to be a faithful companion for many years.

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