Test and review of the Juki HZL-LB5100 sewing machine

We invite you to discover our opinion on the HZL-LB 5100 electronic sewing machine from the famous Juki brand. If it pleases in its product range and appears in various rankings of the best sewing machines, it does not appeal to everyone. To find out if it can suit you, discover its technical characteristics, but also its advantages, disadvantages, etc.

Introducing the Juki HZL-LB5100 sewing machine

The Japanese brand Juki was created in 1938 on the initiative of several sewing machine manufacturers. They then formed the Tokyo Juki Manufacturers Association. For its designs, the company favors innovation and has won over its customers worldwide.

Among its best sewing machines is the Juki HZL LB 5100. This mid-range machine is a versatile machine that brings together many features. Another interesting advantage, it is easy to use.

The technical characteristics of the Juki HZL LB 5100

The Juki HZL LB 5100 offers a wide choice of points since you can choose from the 100 available. We therefore find the essential points, basic points and other more fanciful ones. Some embroidery stitches are also available. They will allow you to personalize your creations and discover the pleasures of embroidery.
You will have the choice between 3 automatic buttonholes and one round.
It has 9 programs.
It is possible to make adjustments for both length and width.
The needle can be positioned on the left or on the right.
It is also possible to use a twin needle with two bobbins.
You will benefit from a semi-automatic threader. This means that by pulling the lever you can thread the needle quickly.
The Breakpoint function is automatic, you just have to activate the function.
It is equipped with an LCD screen that will allow you to make your various settings with ease.
For a good training of your fabric, it is equipped with 7 claws which compensate for the low power which is only 35 watts.
The bobbin case is placed in a horizontal position.
Its weight is 5.6 kg.

Its strengths
This electronic sewing machine combines different advantages, but in general, it falls within the standards of machines in the same price range.

The Juki HZL LB 5100 appeals for its versatility.
It is a machine that brings together many features, which allows you to carry out all kinds of projects.
The various settings allow you to take full advantage of the machine.
The 7 feed dogs facilitate the advancement of different kinds of fabrics in a uniform way. In addition, they are adjustable.
It is possible to opt for a very slow speed in order to simplify the seams which require great precision.
The LCD screen allows simplified use of the sewing machine.
The width of the workspace and the LED lighting allow you to work in complete comfort. In addition, it is equipped with a free arm to facilitate the sewing of sleeves, trouser bottoms, etc.
The placement of the horizontal case is very practical and offers pleasant use.
This machine allows the sewing of very different fabrics, they can be thick or thinner. It is also equipped with a double presser foot lift to pass the layers.
It has good value for money.
It is a robust machine and offers a high quality of sewing.

Its weak points
If the Juki HZL LB 5100 combines many strong points, it also has some weak points which must be underlined.

It is a sewing machine that displays a power of 70 watts. Nevertheless, it actually only has 35. Which is rather low for a sewing machine. On the other hand, due to the weakness of its power, it is quite silent, on the other hand, the sewing speed is quite slow. While this may be inconvenient for people with solid sewing experience, it may not be at all for those who are new to sewing.
Its levity is sometimes criticized.
It is a sewing machine that brings together all the necessary equipment, except the automatic thread cutter.
What types of audiences is it aimed at?
The Juki HZL LB 5100 is quite suitable for people wishing to start sewing while enjoying many possibilities. Indeed, the sewing speed is suitable for beginners. This mid-range machine therefore allows you to carry out all kinds of work from the start and progress.

Thanks to its features, it is also aimed at patchwork enthusiasts and it will meet their needs. Indeed, it offers many points specially adapted to quilting and patchwork.

It can also be suitable for a more experienced public who wants to take advantage of a versatile machine, on the condition of not looking for a machine that is powerful.

However, for professional use, this power problem is a handicap, because you will not be able to sew at a consistent speed.

Our opinion on the Juki HZL LB 5100 sewing machine
The Juki HZL LB 5100 sewing machine is an electronic sewing machine that will satisfy its audience. It is a mid-range machine that meets the standards of the category while offering a sewing quality worthy of the top of the range.

We have underlined it, it does not shine by its power. Therefore, if this is a criterion that is important to you, go your way. If you are more interested in a machine that will allow you to create using all kinds of stitches, then you have found the one you need and it will bring you many great satisfactions. Its handling is easy and if necessary, you can refer to its user manual.

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