Brother CS10VM1 sewing machine test and review

When looking to buy a cheap sewing machine with a budget of less than 200€, you cannot browse the web without coming across the Brother cs10vm1. We invite you to discover this model at a low price. Functionality tests, ease of handling, our team tells you all about this machine in the following lines. After reading this article, you will know if the Brother cs10vm1 is made for you and likely to meet each of your expectations. Put on your glasses for this essential reading before your haberdashery shopping!

Introducing the Brother CS10VM1 Sewing Machine

The Japanese brand known worldwide for its printers, offers us the Brother cs10vm1, one more sewing machine in the catalog of this giant of devices of all kinds. Remember that originally, Brother owes its beginnings at the twilight of the last century, to the manufacture of sewing machines rivaling in ingenuity with the products offered by European brands.

The curiosity of our team is obviously tickled by the Brother cs10vm1, which offers a significant number of features. It is quite legitimate to wonder what to expect, when a brand of such renown, puts on the market a model for less than 200€, with so much variety of points. We will be sure to compare this model to other products offered by the Brother brand. Over the generations of sewing machines, the invoice of its products often surprises us in an ultra-positive way!

The technical characteristics of the Brother cs10vm1

Before giving you our opinion on the model, our team presents its technical characteristics:

Electronic sewing machine
Ability to use 40 different stitches
5 buttonholes available in one step
Presence of 6 drive claws
Possibility to lower the feed dogs
7 presser feet supplied as an accessory for the following functions: zig-zag, buttonhole, zipper, buttoning, blindstitch, monogramming and overlock
Adjustable stitch length up to 5mm and stitch width up to 7mm
LCD screen for displaying the settings and possible errors in the operation of the sewing machine
Lighting via a double LED
free arm
Possibility to perform a reverse or a reinforcement stitch
Thread tension adjustment
Bobbin in horizontal position
Needle threader for easy fitting
Dimensions: 49.5 x 37.8 x 25.2 cm
Weight: 5.7kg

Its strengths
Let’s go through the strengths of the Brother cs10vm1 together:

His price ! This is often what leads us to come across this model when looking for a quality sewing machine for less than 200€. It is offered at a very reasonable price considering the impressive number of features presented.
Its engine is also a real argument. Its power suggests the possibility of sewing on all types of fabrics, regardless of the thickness of your work.
Its easy handling, which will allow beginners to start sewing quickly, without racking their brains for hours on how to operate their new created tool.
Its practical side is not left out. The Brother CS10VM1 sewing machine is thought of as practical. The position of its bobbin allows you to easily control the amount of thread remaining. Its Quick set system avoids the step of recovering the thread from the bobbin and allows you to start sewing immediately after its installation. Who says practical machine also says automatic threading of the thread in the eye of the needle and an integrated thread cutter.

Its weak points
Whatever our affinities with this or that brand, our little hands testers remain objective on the models submitted to them. Here are the weak points of the Brother cs10vm1:

The cans are not a standard size. For our sewing regulars, this can be a real weak point. When you already have at home a whole range of cans bought for a previous device, it’s quite painful to have to buy these little essential accessories. If this is your first machine, no problem, this size of can is still quite easy to find in haberdashery.
The Brother cs10vm1 is a lightweight sewing machine. If this is an advantage on the transport side, the machine clearly lacks stability when launched at full speed. It’s a big problem when someone used to mechanical needles wants to quickly launch into a long straight line of stitches.
A purchase of jeans needles is to be expected if you want to start assembling thick fabrics. The needles supplied with the machine are, in fact, not very resistant for this type of work.
Test: What type of seamstress is it for?
To offer you the most complete test possible, the little hands in our workshops have tried their hand at sewing a patchwork of fabric of different thicknesses. We started with a 100% recycled asymmetrical model. On the small sides, the machine performs the requested rows of stitches very well. It is on the long sides that the Brother cs10vm1 seems to show its weaknesses. On the very fast seams, foot to the floor on the pedal, the machine is unstable as its weight suggested.

On the other hand, the top speed of the device is high and is aimed at seasoned seamstresses. Few beginners will use the machine at full throttle. It will therefore be an ideal machine for beginners with its accessories and its many features. The more experienced mechanical hands addicts could regret this small lack of comfort of use.

Our review of the Brother CS10VM1 sewing machine
In conclusion of our test, the Brother cs10vm1 is a very good machine in the image of the brand. It offers many features despite its low price. However, for a similar price, our team advises you to turn to another model of the brand: the Brother FS40. It offers almost the same functionalities, but offers a more appreciable comfort of use. It will also accompany you in the long term, if you improve your skills in the manufacture of your manufactured works.

At Bouillon de Couture, we hope you find the model that will delight your next hours of sewing, at Brother or another brand. The most important thing is your own experience with the model that will win your heart.

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