Test and review of the Singer Madam 2 sewing machine

Singer is a brand whose reputation is second to none when it comes to sewing machines. It offers many ranges according to the needs and budget of the seamstress. Among them, the Madam range. Does this really live up to the expectations that one can have for a Singer machine? We have tested the Singer Madam 2 sewing machine for you.

Introducing the Singer Madam 2 Sewing Machine

The Singer Madame 2 sewing machine is a mechanical machine presented as an entry-level machine from the brand.

At Singer, this still means, under a sleek design, a very solid chassis thanks to a metal structure. The same goes with the spool holder. The Singer Madam 2 machine is therefore intended to be robust and qualitative.

However, Singer’s Madam 2, with its rounded lines and small touches of red, has a compact size and light weight, conducive to transport.

With its extensive functions, it allows you to carry out common sewing works. But also to learn more technical works thanks to his free arm and to try out original creations with decorative and adjustable stitches, especially in the field of clothing design.

Because Singer claims to have dedicated its range of Madam sewing machines to fashionistas.

The technical characteristics of the Singer Madam 2

Here are the main technical characteristics of the Singer Madam 2 sewing machine:

Mechanical sewing machine;
A metal frame;
23 preset stitches including basic stitches, stretch stitches and decorative stitches;
Stitches adjustable in width and length;
A four-step automatic buttonhole;
Worktop lighting by Staybright LED;
An automatic needle threader;
Adjustable thread tension;
A free arm to easily sew sleeves and trouser hems;
A horizontal bobbin holder;
A transparent flap to check the level of remaining thread;
Supplied with several presser feet;
Weight: 6.2kg
Dimensions: 41 x 36 x 17cm.

Its strengths
One of the strengths of the Singer Madam 2 machine is the metal elements that make it up in its structure and bobbin holder. This arrangement is now found in all Singer sewing machines, giving them strength and durability.
Thanks to its manual adjustment, the operation of the Singer Madam 2 is quick to master, even for a novice seamstress.
Also, the wheels remain positioned on the last setting, which allows the seamstress to be able to interrupt and resume the same work without wasting time adjusting her machine again.
The automatic needle threader also allows you to get to work very quickly.
With 23 different preset stitches and several presser feet, the Singer Madam 2 sewing machine offers a wide range of possibilities, further enhanced by the possibility of modifying the length but also the width of the stitches. This is an argument that is often lacking in sewing machines of equivalent range.
The free arm is a very useful feature, greatly simplifying the sewing of trouser hems or sleeve cuffs.
The Led-backlit worktop ensures real comfort for the seamstress. This also allows him to work longer at his work, at dawn or at dusk for example.
Singer’s Madam 2 is compact and not very heavy. Transporting it or changing its place regularly is therefore possible.
The Singer Madam 2 sewing machine has a maximum recommended price of less than €300. This is a reasonable budget for a machine of this quality and with so many features.
Its weak points
If it has many useful functions, some shortcomings are still noted on the Madam 2 sewing machine from Singer.

On this model, the automatic buttonhole is 4 times while it arises in 1 time only on its big sister the Madam 4.
An LCD screen could also have been a plus for machine settings.

What type of seamstress is it for?
The Singer Madam 2 sewing machine is for seamstresses who are overflowing with creative projects and who want to be able to do them without delay and with a minimum of equipment.

It is an ideal sewing machine for beginner sewers who want to familiarize themselves with the most essential features of a machine, without quickly finding themselves limited as can be the case with other entry-level machines.

Experienced seamstresses can keep their Singer Madam 2 for their most common work or for traveling, but to go even further in their creations, a more powerful and more equipped machine will be more suitable.

Seamstresses who do not have a workshop where to leave their sewing machine permanently ready for use can turn to the Singer Madam 2 machine. Compact and not very heavy, it is easy to store.

Our opinion on the Singer Madam 2 sewing machine
During our test of the Singer Madam 2 sewing machine, we found the Singer signature in the design, settings and quality of the sewing machine. Although it lacks a few useful options, the value for money of this sewing machine remains very favorable. Easy to tame, the Madam 2 has almost everything of a great and allows it to take a position in our top of the best Singer machines for 2022.

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