Test and review of the Elna 664 Pro serger

The Elna 664 Pro is an overlocker that has stood out for its capabilities. It should not be confused with the Elna 664. The latter nevertheless had some shortcomings that the pro model came to fill. We therefore suggest that you discover this machine in more detail in our test and opinion of the Elna 664 Pro.

Introducing the Elna 664 Pro sewing machine

Tavaro S.A, a Swiss company founded in 1934 and initially specializing in watches, is at the origin of the Elna brand. The first sewing machine of the sign was designed in 1940. Since 1996, Janome, a Japanese company, has been the new owner of the company. However, Elna has kept its name, its independence and it continues to evolve.

This is how the Elna 664 Pro serger was born. It was proposed following the Elna 664 and thus makes it possible to benefit from a greatly improved version. You therefore benefit from a serger that has many advantages and allows you to take advantage of a machine with a very good quality/price ratio.

The technical characteristics of the Elna 664 Pro

The Elna 664 Pro has a threading system simplified by the representation of the threading paths according to a color code. Which is a real plus for a serger.
The lower looper, which is the least accessible, benefits from an automatic threading system, for real time saving. It is therefore quite easy to put on, for a serger.
It is possible to choose from 12 different stitches. For example, overcasting, narrow hem, rolled, etc.
A program reference panel allows easy use of the different programs and the different settings to be made are all indicated. A plus compared to the Elna 664.
Unlike the Elna 664, it is equipped with a 2-thread converter, which offers more possibilities, such as stretch, flatlock, etc.
It can therefore be used with 2, 3 or 4 wires.
It is equipped with a moving knife blade.
The presser foot pressure can be adjusted according to the thicknesses of fabrics you want to overlock.
With this machine, you will no longer waste your time adjusting the tensions, since these adjustments are made automatically.
Still about tensions, it is equipped with a tension release system, an additional advantage compared to the Elna 664.
The sewing speed is 1300 stitches per minute.
The various stitch length settings allow you to meet all your needs.
You can also adjust the cutting width.
Its complete security system ensures you use with complete peace of mind.
It has an electronic pedal for its use.
Thanks to its collection tray for threads and cut fabrics, you always work on a clean space.

Its strengths
It is a machine that brings together many positive points and has won over its users.

We appreciate being able, of course, to overcast, but also to assemble and concretize our projects thanks to its many points.
It can be used easily without having to spend more than an hour putting it on, adjusting it, etc. This allows you to really have the possibility of taking advantage of it for all kinds of work.
The many points are obviously appreciable, but above all the ease of use, because all the settings are indicated on the machine.
The color coded threading pattern is clear and simplified by automatic threading of the lower looper.
Compared to other machines, it is not too noisy and the vibrations it generates are also less than on other models. If you live in an apartment, your neighbors will be happy.
Accessories are delivered with the machine and include, among others, a protective cover, screwdrivers, pliers, a set of needles, etc.
Finally, this machine, which is however not found in the top-of-the-range models, combines good functionalities, an irreproachable stitch quality and this, at an affordable price.

Its weak points
The Elna 664 Pro combines the good points, we can still blame it for the absence of an automatic threading system, because even if the threading is simplified, it must still be done manually. However, it should be noted that in this price range, other sergers do not have automatic threading either.
Users of this machine have also noted that the waste container, while very practical, sometimes has trouble staying in place and happens to fall out during use.
What types of audiences is it aimed at?
The Elna 664 Pro serger is a machine that caters to different audiences.

Indeed, if you are a beginner, this machine can be interesting, because it is very easy to use. It is sold with a user manual, but in addition, the various features really make work easier. In addition, the settings are indicated on the front of the sewing machine. It is easy to put on, which is a real asset for a beginner. And for good reason, the threading of certain sergers can, when it is too complex, quickly prove to be an obstacle to their use. In addition, the purchase of a serger is generally a long-term purchase, but with the Elna 664 Pro you will be able to evolve without being blocked by limited capacities.

Its technical profile is also suitable for more experienced, even professional people. Indeed, due to its robustness and technicality, this machine will make your investment profitable, because it will accompany you for many years, if not all your life.

Our opinion on the Elna 664 Pro sewing machine
The Elna 664 Pro is a machine that will allow you to overlock with pleasure. Thanks to it, say goodbye to the endless chore of adjustments specific to sergers.

We obviously love this high-performance serger which offers very good value for money. Admittedly, the budget that this mid-range machine requires is substantial, but you will have no regrets. Thanks to this machine which combines reliability and versatility, you will be able to overlock, assemble and carry out all kinds of projects according to your needs and your desires. Its handling is easy and you can quickly get started in sewing.

4.4/5 - (8 votes)

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