Toyota SLR4D overlocker test and review

The biggest sewing brands wouldn’t have a full range if they didn’t carry sergers. Most of them have therefore developed their own models. But which serger to choose? We submitted the Toyota SLR4D serger to our test and we give you our opinion.

Introducing the Toyota SLR4D Serger

Toyota has bet on originality for the design of its SLR4D serger, which stands out among its sisters with a pretty two-tone hood.

But visual appeal is not the only argument put forward by the Toyata SLR4D serger. With its four spool holders, it allows you to sew in 3 or 4 threads to join and overlock the fabrics, while cutting the excess fabric. All in one pass. And it comes with accessories to allow the seamstress to get to work quickly and give free rein to her creativity.

Presented as a mid-range serger, its 90 watts of power allows you to work quickly and well. The result is very satisfying.

Toyota’s SLR4D serger retails for around €250.

Technical characteristics of the Toyota SLR4D

Here are the main technical characteristics of the Toyota SLR4D serger:

Overlock in 3 or 4 threads;
Power: 90W;
1500 stitches per minute;
Differential training;
Adjustment of thread tension bobbin by bobbin;
Color code for donning;
Stitch adjustable in width and length;
Adjustable presser foot pressure;
Pre-Strung Yarn Cones;
7 standard accessories provided;
1 pliers, 1 screwdriver, 4 threads for wire spools, oil;
3 needles size 14;
2 size 11 needles;
Weight: 8.1 kg.

Its strengths
The colorful design of the Toyota SLR4D serger brightens up equipment often mistakenly considered difficult to use because of its appearance.
This is not the case, especially since the Toyota SLR4D is delivered pre-threaded, which helps to visually see how the threading is done and allows you to get to work immediately. For the following uses, threading is guided by a color code which simplifies the operation and makes it accessible even to beginners.
The accessories that come with the serger are a real plus for the seamstress, especially novices who need to build their equipment to start their new passion.
With 90 watts of power for 1500 stitches per minute, the Toyota SLR4D serger produces beautiful projects in a minimum of time.
The overlock can be made with 3 or 4 threads and the stitch can be adjusted in width and length. And with the differential, the fabric is perfectly held in place. The presser foot pressure is also adjustable. The seam therefore has a superb finish, flawless, and it is resistant.
The seamstress can work with various materials in various styles: elastic, smooth or gathered fabrics… according to her creativity.
Sure of the quality of its SLR4D serger, the manufacturer Toyota guarantees it for 2 years.
The price displayed at less than 250 € is competitive for such a product.

Its weak points
Despite the manufacturer’s efforts to make threading the Toyota SLR4D serger easier, it remains laborious the first few times. In particular, the hook is quite difficult to put in place. Adjustment therefore requires time and patience.
Like any good serger, the Toyota SLR4D can produce rolled hems. However, on this machine, it is essential to change the plate and the presser foot. Other models dispense with this constraint.
Despite Toyota’s good reputation for tailoring, spare parts are in short supply. In the event of a breakdown, repair will be difficult and even impossible for some parts. This is for example the case of knives, the top one of which cannot be unscrewed. However, these are wear parts.
If the overlock in 3 and 4 stitches already offers great possibilities, other overlockers also offer sewing in 2 threads. On this model, this functionality is not present.
With its 8.1 kg, the Toyta SLR4D overlocker is quite heavy and its transport can be easy, although possible despite everything.
Which seamstress is it for?
Because it is ready to use and delivered with many accessories, the Toyota SLR4D serger is more intended for beginners. Its low price also benefits them and makes it an ideal serger to get your hands on.

Given the great difficulty in finding spare parts, the machine is not very scalable and the after-sales service is almost non-existent. Professional seamstresses will therefore move on and turn to other models of sergers, more appropriate to their needs.

The Toyota SLR4D serger can be a good choice for those on a budget who are looking for a functional serger for the short to medium term.

Our opinion on the Toyota SLR4D serger
During our test, the Toyota SLR4D serger revealed real assets that will satisfy beginner seamstresses for their projects. As soon as the package was opened, the discovery of the many accessories was a pleasant surprise. The features deliver what they promise and the job is done well.

But notable weak points were also noted during our test and the seamstress must be aware of them to make the right choice. In particular, she will have to be skilled and patient enough to successfully thread her machine when the first spools have been used and expect to have to change sergers in the event of a breakdown. The quality-price ratio remains very interesting, due to the low budget required to afford this overlocker. However, the purchase of the Toyota SLR4D serger is to be considered in the short or medium term if you are a seasoned seamstress.

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