Test and review of the Juki MO-654DE overlocker

Among all the brands of sergers available on the market, there is one that is particularly popular with seamstresses: Juki. Juki sergers are regularly cited as models of reliability. What is it really? Our test and review of the Juki MO-654DE serger.

Introducing the Juki MO-654DE Serger

Juki has a habit of delivering high-end sergers to seamstresses. And it is indeed a multi-equipped and solid serger that Juki offers them with its MO-654DE model.

It has most of the features useful to a seamstress, allowing her to sew and join all types of fabrics using 7 different stitches. They are laid in 2, 3 or 4 threads and the knives cut the excess fabric in a single pass. The most creative can therefore devote themselves fully to their passion.

Especially since under the hood of the Juki MO-654DE hides a metal structure, resistant to the most virulent manipulations, and a powerful but silent motor.

Versatile, functional, solid and silent, there is no shortage of qualifiers for the Juki MO-654DE overlocker, which is priced at approximately €550.

Technical characteristics of the Juki MO-654DE

Here are the main technical characteristics of the Juki MO-654DE serger:

2, 3 or 4 thread serger;
1500 stitches per minute;
7 different stitches: 2 and 4 thread overlock, 2 and 3 thread rolled hem, 3 and 4 thread overlock, 3 thread flatlock;
Quiet motor;
Color-coded wire paths;
Manual and independently adjustable thread tension for each spool;
Differential training;
Stitches adjustable in width and length;
LED lighting ;
Removable upper knife;
Automatically adjustable lower knife;
Presser foot height adjustment;
Snap-on presser foot;
Accessories: multifunction presser foot,
Weight: 7 kg.

Its strengths
It is a metal structure that the Juki MO-654DE serger is made of. This is a bonus when most competing sergers are made of plastic. This ensures the longevity of the device.
Especially since a serger is rather complex to put on and can therefore be manipulated abruptly while you take it in hand and understand its use correctly.
However, Juki has sought to simplify the step of putting on the MO-654DE as much as possible. The path of the thread follows a color code which guides the seamstress in her gestures and the lower looper is made easily accessible. The snap-on presser foot is quick to fit and can be changed easily.
Manual adjustment of the thread tension is done using four separate knobs. Because the Juki MO-654DE serger has 4 thread cones and allows sewing with 2, 3 or 4 threads.
The seamstress thus has a choice of 7 different stitches: the overlock stitch with 2 and 4 threads, the rolled hem with 2 and 3 threads, the overlock with 3 and 4 threads, the flatlock with 3 threads .
Stitch width and length are adjustable, up to 4mm and 6mm, ensuring strong seams on all projects. Because the MO-654DE serger is able to join, overlock and cut all fabrics.
The differential feed, with adjustable speed, makes it possible to evolve the fabric so that it remains very smooth, according to its thickness and its nature.
The motor drives the needle at a rate of up to 1500 stitches per minute, but remains silent.
Like any machine, the use of a serger requires precautions. To ensure that the seamstress can overlock, join and cut in complete safety, a device prevents the Juki MO-654DE overlocker from working when its cover is open.

Its weak points
Although the serger is very functional, Juki has skipped the free arm for its reference MO-654DE. The work of certain pieces, especially on round parts such as the bottom of the pants or the end of the sleeves, would have been even easier.
Another weak point that we noted is the absence of a drip tray. It is therefore advisable to carefully clean your machine after each use to get rid of waste that can get stuck in it, disrupt it or even cause breakdowns.
Which seamstress is it for?
The serger is a complementary equipment to the use of a sewing machine. It is aimed at seamstresses who want impeccable finishes, especially on fabrics on which a sewing machine can struggle, such as stretch fabrics.

Seamstresses who have already worked on a serger can choose the Juki MO-654DE to renew their equipment. Reliable and functional, this complete model is ideal for an experienced seamstress.

Beginner sewers can also opt for this model as their first serger. Simplified threading can be mastered after a few uses. The design of the Juki MO-654DE serger allows it to withstand sudden maneuvers.

And the reliability of the brand and the large number of overlockers of this reference in circulation make it a safe bet for a beginner, who will easily find tutorials and other aids to use, after-sales service, spare parts, and will not confront not to untimely malfunctions and other difficulties sometimes encountered on other machines.

Our opinion on the Juki MO-654DE serger
The Juki MO-654DE overlocker is one of the most famous and best-selling overlockers in the world. This excellent reputation is not contradicted by our test. Quality and functionality are at the rendezvous with this Juki brand serger. Whatever their level of sewing, all seamstresses will find their way with this model. If the purchase of this machine requires an average budget, the investment is ultimately profitable thanks to the solidity and availability of Juki parts.

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