Test and review of the Pfaff 1450 serger

For strong seams with impeccable finishes, the serger is the ideal tool. But there are many models on the market. Lidl has been favorably noticed by the sale of sewing equipment with a good price-quality ratio. But what is the Pfaff 1450 serger worth?

Introducing the Pfaff 1450 OL serger

The Pfaff 1450 OL serger is marketed by the large-scale retailer Lidl. It has been designed for seamstresses who have never worked on this type of device and who wish to supplement the use of their sewing machine. And many are those who admit to being skeptical about the use of such a machine.

The Pfaff 1450 OL serger is ideal for getting started. First of all by its price, displayed at only €159, which is the lowest on the market. But also thanks to its color code on the wire threading system to facilitate its preparation and handling.

It offers to sew 12 different stitches and the seamstress can choose to overlock with 2, 3 or 4 threads. This ensures impeccable finishes suitable for stretch fabrics as well as fine fabrics.

This model, although its sale is not continuous, takes its place in our comparison of the best overlockers in 2022.


The technical characteristics of the Pfaff 1450

Here are the main technical characteristics of the Pfaff 1450 OL serger:

12 different stitches;
Possibility of sewing with 2, 3 or 4 threads;
Free arm;
Presser foot pressure adjustment;
Simplified adjustment screw, without screwdriver;
Adjustable stitch length;
Thread tension adjustment specific to each spool;
Coaching ;
Knife ;
Looper cover;
Telescopic wire guide bar;
A carrying handle;

Its strengths
The Pfaff 1450 OL serger is easy to use. In particular, donning has been simplified as much as possible, with its color code. An adjustment screw is accessible without a screwdriver. For the rest, simple buttons allow you to configure the differential feed as well as the length of the stitch and to activate/deactivate the knife.
The manual is also very detailed and very colorful, which allows you to quickly understand how the machine works.
The Pfaff serger 1450 OL can work with all types of fabrics, including fine fabrics and stretch fabrics such as jersey, to join them, reinforce the seams and prevent the edges from fraying, with a suitable stitch: 2-Thread Wrapped Overlock, 3-Thread Overlock, 4-Thread Overlock, 3-Thread Narrow Edge, 2-Thread Overlock, 2 or 3-Thread Rolled Finish, 3-Thread Flatlock Finish.
The feed helps to keep the fabric well positioned, whether it is smooth or gathered. The knife cuts the excess fabric, for a perfect finish in a single pass.
The free arm allows you to find a better range of motion to perform certain works.
The price-performance ratio of the 1450 OL by Pfaff overlock machine is excellent. It is one of the cheapest sergers, while offering features worthy of the greatest. This is particularly the case with the possibility of choosing the number of sewing threads, a feature that is sometimes absent on higher-end sergers.
The notch used for transport is useful for installing/uninstalling equipment if a space cannot be permanently dedicated to the serger and for those who want to move around with their device.

Its weak points
Given its low price, our test of the Pfaff 1450 OL serger revealed few weak points.

We regretted that a receptacle was not provided to store the fabric scraps after the passage of the serger knife.
The serger tends to vibrate under the fabric when used at full power. The noise can become annoying over time.
The telescopic wire guide must be fully extended to work and folded to transport its machine. A real handle would have been more practical than a simple notch, especially since it is located below the level of the wires.
As this is a product exclusively marketed in supermarkets, there is no possibility of carrying out a trial or taking a course such as those offered by specialist retailers. This type of service can be valuable for getting started with your serger more quickly.
Another weak point: the product is only available occasionally at Lidl and in limited quantities. The crowds in the supermarket chain are strong and this type of product, whose quality now enjoys a strong reputation, attracts an ever-increasing number of customers. You must therefore know how to take your troubles patiently, watch for advertising inserts and be reactive when the time comes.

Which seamstresses is it for?
The serger completes the work done on the sewing machine as we detail in this article. In no case does it replace it. It is therefore aimed at seamstresses who have already taken their first steps in the art of sewing and who already have substantial equipment.

However, the Pfaff 1450 OL serger is easy to use. Because of this feature and its low price, the Pfaff 1450 OL serger can be used by all seamstresses, whether beginners or experienced.

The serger is an expensive device. But with this model, the equipment becomes accessible to as many people as possible.

Those who have a larger budget, who sew a lot and/or whose passion for sewing is already proven will however go for another model that is even better equipped, such as the Pfaff Hobbylock 2.5.

Our opinion on the Pfaff 1450 OL overlocker
After having submitted it to an extensive test, we are ready to give our opinion on the Pfaff 1450 OL overlock machine. We can only underline the excellent quality-price ratio of this material. Because despite its low selling price, the Pfaff 1450 OL overlocker is very functional. It allows you to easily carry out the desired works. And it has the merit of being usable by all seamstresses, whether they have experience or not.

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