Janome Skyline S5 sewing machine test and review
Janome Skyline S5 sewing machine test and review

Janome Skyline S5 sewing machine test and review

Janome Skyline S5 sewing machine test and review

Introducing the Janome Skyline S5 Sewing Machine

The Janome Skyline S5 is a high-end electronic sewing machine equipped with the latest useful functions. This is the latest model in this range, you can also read our opinion on the Skyline S3.

It has been entirely designed to allow the seamstress to carry out her works with ease. Its 170 programs are all set from an LCD control screen and its functions are all automated.

In addition to a large work surface, the seamstress finds directly on her machine all the tools she needs to carry out her work, whatever its nature and size, including the integrated thread cutter.

The Janome Skyline S5 sewing machine even takes on the role of the perfect assistant thanks to a hands-free knee function.

The technical characteristics of the Janome Skyline S5

Here are the main technical characteristics of the Janome Skyline S5 sewing machine:

electronic sewing machine;
cast aluminum frame;
control with LCD display;
up to 1000 stitches per minute;
170 programs: usual stitches, decorative stitches, alphabet, symbols, numbers…;
10 automatic one-step buttonholes;
stitches up to 9mm wide and up to 5mm long;
91 needle positions;
interlocking needle plate;
sewing with or without rheostat;
7 feed dogs;
reverse function;
hands-free function thanks to a knee switch;
automatic tie-off;
automatic and programmable thread cutter;
6 LED lights;
11 presser feet: zipper foot, bourdon, buttonhole with stabilizer, patchwork, universal foot, invisible hem, double feed foot, quilting foot, rolling foot, overlock stitch, button foot;
work surface: 21 x 21 cm;
accessories: extension table, protective cover, adjustable knee pad, spool holder, 2 needle plates, stylus, seam ripper, bobbins, brush, screwdriver, stabilizers…
Weight: 10kg
Dimensions: 50 x 32 x 24cm.

Its strengths

The equipment and functions of the Skyline S5 from Janome make it an extremely complete sewing machine.
The possibilities are endless, thanks to the 170 stitches, but also thanks to the various elements that can be adjusted as the seamstress wishes: the needle, in 91 different positions, the height of the presser foot, the width and length of the points. Note here that the Janome Skyline S5 allows very nice stitches of 9 mm wide, where many other machines are limited to 7 mm.
The free-arm makes it easier to sew round pieces, such as hems and sleeves. The automatic breakpoints are perfectly executed.
With these multiple settings, the seamstress can aim to create all types of creations, and in all materials. Leather in particular passes happily under the needle of the Skyline S5 from Janome.
The feed dogs grip the fabric well to prevent it from slipping and puckering while sewing. By using the knee lifter, the seamstress can hold her fabric even better. She does not have to remove her hands from her work to manage the presser foot.
The work surface is particularly wide on this Janome sewing machine. This is a real asset for sewing large pieces. And the extension table still comes to offer additional space.
To further ensure the production of perfect and precise seams, this work surface is illuminated by 6 LED lighting sources and the machine is delivered with two different needle plates, which are easy to interchange.
Sewing can be done using the rheostat or not, at the convenience of the seamstress.
The use of integrated options such as the automatic and programmable thread cutter quickly become reflexes, they are so practical. The latter also saves thread.

Its weak points

Even if the Janome Skyline S5 is very well equipped, some weak points were revealed during our test.

The Skyline S5 is sold at the maximum recommended price of 1299 €. This represents a substantial budget that all seamstresses, however passionate they may be, cannot invest in their sewing machine.
The 10 kg of the sewing machine gives it impeccable stability during use. But they can also be a barrier to purchase for those who often have to move their equipment.
Even for experienced seamstresses and despite the presence of a notice in French, certain functions will probably remain a discovery. It may be useful to seek information and advice several times from the dealer.

What kind of seamstresses is it aimed at?

Being a high-end machine, with advanced technologies, technical features and a substantial budget, the Janome Skyline S5 sewing machine is aimed more at experienced seamstresses who sew frequently and sustained.

Highly motivated beginners, with such a budget and wanting to invest for the long term, can also start on the Janome Skyline S5 even if it is better to turn to a sewing machine more oriented for beginners. Provided, however, that you allow yourself the time to evolve in sewing and to discover the different functionalities little by little.

Due to its weight, it is advisable to have a fixed workshop to equip yourself with such a sewing machine.

Our review of the Janome Skyline S5 sewing machine

The Skyline S5 machine is unquestionably a high-end machine. She blew us away with the leatherwork, thick fabrics and, conversely, the most delicate fabrics. If the budget is high, the cast aluminum structure, the long availability of spare parts and the possibilities offered by the different functionalities still give it a very good value for money. This allows it to easily find a place in our comparison of Janome sewing machines in 2022.

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