Janome 8077 test and review
Janome 8077 test and review

Janome 8077 test and review

Janome 8077 test and review


The Janome 8077 local time world is organized in a typical First State range machine: very good in some aspects and a little less in others. We are pleased, however, that performance reserves and its electronic functionalities make up its strengths over the First State points choice, much less crucial and counting all First State culture thirty programs. It is aimed at amateurs with a small / medium expertise

The choice of performance even if it means cutting in style.

Good power and good drive

With its 50 watts (820 stitches/minute), the Janome 8077 certainly does not scare away ever more powerful mechanical sewing machines*, but it holds its own in its category.

* Power is indeed the main strength of mechanical models. Read our article Mechanical or electronic sewing machine? to learn more about the pros and cons of each.

To compare, the Brother FS70WT(s) and the Juki HZL-LB 5100 are two very similar machines and sold at the same price (at least at the time of writing these words) but the first runs on 40 watts and the second on a small 35 watts, which is 10-15 watts less than the Janome 8077.

This one also has 7 feed dogs which is very good. It’s not better than the aforementioned models but it’s better than many alternatives, especially on the cheap sewing machine side, and that’s a big plus for the drive quality of the machine.

Finally, the Janome brand enjoys a very good reputation based on the quality and durability of its sewing machines. It’s a good sign !

Small choice of stitches

The Janome 8077 sewing machine stands out from its closest competitors with its good performance. In return, in order not to increase the price, something else had to be sacrificed: the number of points programs.

Indeed, this machine only offers 30 which is not much for an electronic sewing machine, which is moreover mid-range. Additionally about half of these programs are variations of the three most basic utility dots:

the straight stitch (available in 7 variants: 1 needle in the center + 1 needle on the left + 2 with automatic backtack at the start and end of the seam + 1 triple elastic straight stitch + 1 straight stitch whose name I’m not sure , please help me in the comments!)
the zigzag stitch (1 normal + 1 multiple zigzag stitch)
the buttonhole (6 variants, all automatic in one step).
There are therefore 16 specialized and decorative utility points which are more than enough (I certainly do not encourage point hunting) but not much in electronics. It may frustrate some.


Fortunately, the stitches are well adjustable in width, length and according to the positioning of the needle in the case of the straight stitch. This is important to adjust each stitch optimally to the fabric/thread/needle combo used and therefore to obtain a clean and precise seam.

Very complete equipment
The Janome 8077 is generously equipped. See yourself:

Its semi-automatic threader greatly facilitates threading the needle.
Automatic reinforcement starts and ends the seam with reinforcement/reverse stitch.
The speed regulator makes it possible to maintain a slow rhythm to avoid accidents or continuous for a very fluid sewing, possibly without pedal thanks to the on/off button.
The needle stop position determines whether the needle stops, at any stop, up to move the fabric or down to hold it in place.
The horizontal bobbin case makes it possible to see where this behind is and to be able to notice a lack of thread before starting, a bobbin of the wrong color or simply the absence of it.
The two LEDs illuminate the needle and the work area twice as well.
Only the automatic thread cutter (which typically activates after an automatic reinforcement stitch) is not available on the Janome 8077. This has only the manual thread cutter, i.e. a blade recessed in the side of the machine.

Good performance (power + drive).
The semi-automatic threader and almost all electronic features are present (just not the automatic thread cutter).
The structure includes the useful horizontal box and 2 LED lighting

Small stitch choice for a mid-range electronic machine.

Target audience
The Janome 8077 is aimed at home sewers with at least a little sewing experience to take advantage of all its features without feeling overwhelmed. It also deserves to be appreciated for its good performance and its reasonable price, in its category, even if in return it limits its choice of point which can annoy fans of electronic machines precisely for their endless selection.

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