what is the best embroidery machine in 2022
what is the best embroidery machine in 2022

what is the best embroidery machine in 2022

An embroiderer: what is it and what is it for?
embroiderer who sews an embroidery
The embroiderer is a sewing equipment, just like the sewing machine and the serger. It is complementary to them, concentrating for its part only on the visible decorative aspect, where the other materials are concerned with laying solid seams and perfect finishes.

An embroiderer will therefore never be entirely replaceable by another sewing device, however sophisticated it may be.

The design of a garment or a linen does not require the use of an embroiderer. It begins with the sewing machine and can be consolidated with the serger. Also, the embroiderer only comes into operation at the final stage, to particularize the work done.

As its name rightly suggests, this device embroiders fabrics with the desired patterns, according to the inspiration of the moment. The embroidery machine is therefore aimed at creative seamstresses who wish to personalize their works, whether they are amateurs or professionals, beginners in the field or already experienced.

All sorts of patterns can be embroidered with such a machine: alphabet, numbers, symbols, flowers, objects, logos, images, photos… Enough to make a basic linen a remarkable piece.

The sewing works are personalized in record time using an embroidery machine, whether it is a unique copy or to duplicate its creation in several copies. All will be perfectly identical and with a neat and precise embroidery.

The seamstress who wishes to indulge in this type of work has the choice between an embroidery machine independent of her sewing machine or a combined embroiderer/sewer

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Should you choose an embroiderer alone or a combined sewing and embroidery machine?
The embroidery machine alone or the combination sewing and embroidery machine each have their own advantages.

The independent embroidery machine
The independent embroiderer is interesting for seamstresses who already own a sewing machine and/or an overlocker. It then completes the present equipment and the functionalities. This choice is often made when the desires of the seamstress evolve, embroidery not being in her initial projects.

It is more interesting to complete the equipment with a single embroiderer than to change equipment that is still functional with a handset, which is more expensive. This solution also makes it possible to choose the sewing machine and the embroidery machine which respectively best meet the needs encountered.

However, those who have not yet bought their sewing machine or who need to renew it and who often want to embroider will prefer to opt for a combined sewing machine and embroidery machine.

It is a two-in-one device, more economical than buying the two devices separately and which saves considerable space. This choice is interesting if the characteristics of the sewing machine and those of the embroidery machine perfectly meet the expectations of the seamstress. As it is one and the same material, it is not possible to modulate the brands and ranges of these materials, as with the choice of tools independent of each other.

Which brand to choose for your embroidery machine?
The sewing world is competitive, with several major operators competing for the embroidery machine market, leaving the seamstress spoiled for choice.

Singer is a leading brand in the sewing industry. This jewel remains essential after its 165 years of experience. Singer’s brand image gives all of its products, including embroidery machines, strong acclaim by seamstresses around the world.
The Brother brand is also regularly praised for the sewing materials it offers. These enjoy an image of reliability.
Pfaff is a brand known for its good value for money. The brand also relies on a good distribution network which makes access to its devices easy.
Bernina enjoys an excellent reputation. Embroidery machines are considered high end.
As for Janome, it is the first manufacturer of sewing machines in the world. The availability of the products is therefore largely assured.

What are the important criteria for choosing your embroiderer?
An embroidery machine is not chosen at random. Different criteria are taken into account so that the embroiderer selected can be in line with the needs of the seamstress. Focus on the main points to consider when choosing and finding the best embroidery machine in 2022.

Size of the embroidery area
On a fabric, an embroidery can be discreet or on the contrary very extensive. To personalize your garment or any other textile work as you wish, the size of the embroidery surface offered by the machine is decisive.

Because an embroidery machine has a delimited surface on which its needle can move, more or less spacious depending on the model. Its contours determine the size of the largest embroidery that can be done with the machine, without the need to move the frame.

Thus, the larger the working surface of the machine, the greater the embroidery done in one go. On the contrary, if it is more restricted, then the embroidery will be less extensive.

In either case, the seamstress can embark on large works if she wishes, but with more or less numerous fittings.

Also, a large embroidery area can be used for small jobs.

Embroidery stitches
Several patterns are allowed thanks to the embroidery machine. To do this, several embroidery stitches can be used. The more the embroidery machine offers, the more various works can be carried out and the works can be very personalized.

Cross stitch is probably the best known embroidery stitch. It is very commonly used. Embroidered pictures, bed linen, clothing, upholstery can be decorated using this stitch.
The front stitch and the back stitch are both straight stitches, which notably allow you to draw pretty, well-drawn lines.
The satin stitch is more intended for filling in a small pattern.
Needle painting involves filling a shape with thrown dots, including large areas. This type of embroidery often plays with colors.
The stem stitch delimits the contours of the design to be embroidered. The loop stitch is visually very close to the chain stitch.
The node point leaves a point-shaped character, for example to draw a pearl, a point on an i, a point at the end of a sentence…
The reinforced stitch will decorate the embroidery itself or a pattern already present on the fabric.
Many stitches with various styles are offered by the different embroidery machines.


The embroidery frame
To embroider a fabric with a clean, impeccable finish, it must be taut. This is why an embroidery machine is equipped with a frame which is used to position its fabric correctly, to smooth it out to remove the folds which would shift the embroidery and spoil the final result, to hold it while the needle operates.

There are frames of many different sizes and shapes. Embroidery machines come with at least one frame, but this differs from model to model. Some have extra frames provided, but not all. Frames can then be purchased as an option. Their price being rather high, it is nice to have several frames included with your embroidery machine.

For large projects, a large embroidery hoop is more practical. If it is smaller than the embroidery to be done, the design can however be divided into several parts to be completed.

The price
The embroiderer is a sewing material that requires a substantial budget. However, large price differences can be seen between ranges and brands.

A seamstress will be constrained by her budget. The quality-price ratio of embroiderers must therefore be compared and related to real needs. They are the ones who must guide the seamstress in the choice of her embroidery machine. Because an embroidery machine will quickly be abandoned if it does not fulfill the expected functions.

The purchase of such a machine is often considered for the long term. Also, despite an often substantial purchase price, it is amortized over time and all the more quickly if the embroidery machine is used often.

Embroidery editing software

When choosing your embroidery machine, the pre-recorded stitches are decisive. But it is also possible to go further thanks to embroidery editing software.

Editing software allows at least to rework the pre-recorded stitches of an embroidery machine, to personalize them, in particular by being able to enlarge or shrink them, but also by rotating them. Thus, the same pattern can be declined in several ways, to make the works unique or original despite everything.

But some editing software has more extensive functionalities, allowing you to create your own stitches, to go even further in the customization of textiles and push the limits of creation.

It becomes possible to embroider from a photo, an image or even a drawing sketched by hand for those who have mastered this art.

Top 6 best machine embroiderers in 2022

Brother Innov-Is V3

1 – Brother Innov-Is V3

Brother Innov-Is V3 embroidery machine
As with all of the brand’s devices, the Brother embroidery machine is distinguished by its cutting-edge features that aim to simplify its use by the seamstress.

With its dedicated space of 300 x 180 mm, the Innov-Is v3 embroidery machine makes it easy to work large patterns, without having to cut them out or have to move the frame. The controls are controlled from a pleasant to use LCD screen, ensuring good visual comfort.

If the large embroidery surface and the touch screen are the first attractions of the Innov-Is v3 embroidery machine, these are not its only advantages.

The embroidery editing software allows you to preview your design on the LCD screen and adjust it to your liking. It is also possible to combine several patterns with each other and even to reverse them thanks to a mirror effect.

No less than 200 pre-recorded patterns and several alphabets, highly sought after in embroidery, are offered, with 17 writing fonts including two Cyrillic and three Japanese. Creativity can thus be fully expressed with the Innov-Is V3 embroidery machine, which also offers a color chart. And thanks to its two USB ports, custom designs can easily be imported and saved.

With 1050 stitches per minute, ideas come to life in minimal time. Especially since the threading of the needle and the adjustment of the thread tension are automated. The seamstress also finds an automatic thread cutter and she is alerted in the event of unexpected thread breakage.

The Brother Innov-Is V3 embroidery machine is a creative, intuitive, functional and scalable machine that will satisfy beginners as well as the most experienced. It is sold for around €2,519.

Janome Memory Craft 500E

2 – Janome Memory Craft 500E

Janome Memory Craft 500E embroidery machine
The Janome Memory Craft 500E is a machine that focuses solely on embroidery. Specialized therefore, it is also very functional.

Its large embroidery space of 200 x 280 mm allows beautiful creative projects, on large or more restricted surfaces, according to the seamstress. No space is wasted by attaching the embroidery hoop on the right.

Weighing 11 kg, the Memory Craft 500E embroidery machine from Janome is difficult to transport but particularly stable during the work, the embroidery being carried out at the rate of 860 stitches per minute.

The seamstress offers a wide creative choice with the Janome Memory Craft 500E. 160 pre-recorded patterns are offered, as well as symbols, numbers and the European alphabet, in 6 fonts and 3 different sizes. The Janome Memory Craft 500E also stands out from its competitors by the finish given to the edges of the fabrics, with 46 embroidery designs specially dedicated to this area.

But to go even further, the seamstress can import her own decorations to border thanks to the USB ports and the PC connection of the Janome Memory Craft 500E embroidery machine.

The Memory Craft 500E embroidery machine from Janome becomes all the more interesting for all seamstresses, whatever their level of sewing, because the investment is intended to be long-term. This cushions the selling price, this embroidery machine being a high-tech product. In this case, the Janome Memory Craft 500E is at the maximum recommended price of 1900 €.

Brother Innov-Is 800E

3 – Brother Innov-Is 800E

Brother Innov-Is 800E embroidery machine
A very becoming design is worn by the Brother Innov-Is 800E embroidery machine. It sports a pretty, colorful hood above a large, pristine white worktable. A touch of color is also provided by the LCD screen of the embroiderer.

It is precisely an LCD color touch screen. The controls are thus easy and intuitive, as the color and the self-explanatory designs compensate for the small size of the screen.

The embroidery area of ​​the Brother Innov-Is 800E has an average area: 260 x 160 mm. This makes it possible to embroider small or medium designs without having to move the frame. Larger embroideries are still allowed by cutting out the pattern.

The embroidery software delivered with the embroiderer acts as an assistant for the seamstress: it preselects the stitches that can be embroidered according to the frame detected, informs of the estimated duration of the work, the number of stitches to be made… So many useful information so that the seamstress can organize her work in the best conditions.

With 138 different patterns, 11 fonts including 3 for the Japanese alphabet, the choice is not the most complete on the market but remains more than honorable. It can be completed by importing new drawings, images or personal photos from the USB port.

All materials can be embroidered with elegance and precision thanks to the Brother Innov-Is 800E embroidery machine. Enough to personalize your textiles.

The price-performance ratio of the Brother Innov-Is 800E is excellent, for an average price of 1200 €.

Pfaff Creative 3.0

4 – Pfaff Creative 3.0

Pfaff Creative 3.0 embroidery machine
This sewing and embroidery machine from Pfaff announces the color in its name alone: ​​Pfaff Creative 3.0. With it, room for creativity. As a handset, it prides itself on pushing the limits of creation thanks to its two sewing and embroidery functions, and its scalability.

It is therefore aimed at ambitious seamstresses, who are eager to learn and who like to take on new sewing challenges, such as quilting, customizing clothes or household linen.

This duality and these ambitions deserve a large working space. That of the Pfaff Creative 3.0 embroidery machine is designed to optimize space with its sewing area judiciously placed to the right of the needle. The embroidery area measures 260 x 220 mm. The machine comes with 8 presser feet and 2 embroidery hoops, a small 120 x 120mm and a large 260 x 200mm.

254 stitches and 137 embroidery designs are suggested to the seamstress, as well as 2 fonts each available in 3 sizes. All of them do not fulfill, by far, the embroidery editing software provided. Her memory can be filled with many other drawings, photos or images that the seamstress will import herself if she wishes and according to her inspirations. It can also create them directly on the color LED screen.

The Creative 3.0 sewing and embroidery machine combo has, among other useful features, the exclusive IDT Pfaff drive system, which has made the reputation of the brand and makes it possible to sew and embroider on a wide choice of fabrics.

The price of the Pfaff Creative 3.0 embroidery machine is €2419.

Singer Futura 10000

5 – Singer Futura 10000

Singer Futura 10000
Being a historical player in the sewing sector, it is not surprising that a Singer embroidery machine climbs into our top of the best embroiderers in 2022.

However, it is a model now only available on the second-hand market that we have selected: the Singer Futura 10000.

The one that was a flagship model of Singer embroidery devices is still used by many seamstresses today, thanks to its quality and longevity.

The Singer Futura 10000 can be a great first embroidery machine for beginners. Advice broadcast on the LCD screen indeed accompanies the seamstress in her work. The panel of alphabets and patterns is wide enough to carry out beautiful and varied projects. The simplest of them do not require the use of a specific module; others more complex though.

Several embroidery frames can be used by the seamstress, depending on the size of the desired work, small: 100 x 100 mm, medium: 090 x 150 mm or large: 300 x 180 mm.

A patterning unit is compatible to further increase the possibilities: the PSW2. Originally marketed as an option, some second-hand offers now include it.

Bernina 830

6- Bernina 830

Bernina 830 embroidery machine.jpg
The Bernina 830 is a high-end combined sewing and embroidery machine. Just rivaling professional embroiderers, she thinks big and approaches sewing in the broadest sense and down to the smallest detail. The brand is indeed committed to delivering quality services, particularly from the point of view of precision.

For this, an extra-large workspace allows you to position your fabrics well. It is 300 mm wide to the right of the needle, making it easier to work large pieces. The free arm also frees up space for comfortable working.

And with 1760 stitches, 150 patterns and 10 pre-recorded alphabets, inspiration is there and projects abound. Thanks to the BSR, a stitch regulator, the stitches are perfectly regular, even when sewing at full speed, the Bernina 830 machine being able to embroider up to 1000 stitches per minute.

The color LCD screen allows you to control the work, from the choice of the pattern to the color of the thread. An intelligent Drag & Drop function makes it very easy to place the design to be embroidered in the desired place.

The Bernina 830 is for those who nurture many embroidery projects, with frequent use of their equipment.

Top of the range, the Bernina 830 has everything to please the greatest number. Apart from its price, because this embroiderer requires a comfortable budget. It is displayed around 7000 € all the same.

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