Brother Innovis M240ED embroidery machine review
Brother Innovis M240ED embroidery machine review

Brother Innovis M240ED embroidery machine review

Brother Innovis M240ED


Do you want to discover the world of embroidery? But, as a beginner and the price of embroidery machines can sometimes be rather prohibitive, you do not want to have to invest in a machine of this type or you cannot afford it, or you do not have room for her.

Then the Brother Innovis M240ED comes to your rescue. Small, it will easily find a place in your workshop and above all, it is a low budget embroidery machine since it does not exceed 700 €. It will then allow you to discover embroidery or will meet your needs if you embroider occasionally. We therefore suggest that you discover this embroidery machine in more detail in this test and opinion article on the Brother Innovis M240ED embroiderer.

Features of the Brother Innovis M240ED
Brother Innovis M240ED
This embroidery machine is quite recent since it dates from 2018.

It is small in size since it is about 50 cm wide, 30 cm high and 21 cm deep. To allow you to enjoy a machine of such a small size, it is obvious that the designers had to gain inches here and there. In this specific case, they have, in part, done it on the embroidery space which is rather limited since it is only 100×100 mm. But it still allows you to make 125 embroidery designs directly integrated into the embroidery machine, 45 of which are Disney characters. Something to delight children and fans of these cartoons.

Among its other characteristics we can note:

if the number of patterns is not enough for you, no problem! The machine is equipped with a port that allows you to plug in your USB key and thus import the models you want to use;
you also have the possibility of writing first names, initials, etc., thanks to the 10 integrated fonts;
you can make all your settings from the 9.4 cm color LCD touch screen;
the embroidery speed is 400 stitches per minute. This speed is certainly not very high and it cannot be adjusted, but for occasional use or for beginners it is quite sufficient;
you will also benefit from an end of bobbin sensor and a top thread sensor. So, when your bobbin is finished or your thread breaks, you will be notified;
moreover, at the end of a color, the embroidery machine cuts the thread automatically, however, you will have to do it yourself within the same color.

Our test of the Innovis M240ED
Here are the results of our tests:

Threading: threading your embroidery machine couldn’t be simpler, just follow the thread guides one by one. In addition, you benefit from the simplified needle threading system, which will allow you to pass the thread through the eye of the needle in a simple manipulation.
Editing patterns: after threading, you can do it from the touch screen: you can resize your pattern, rotate it, etc. and this, quite easily thanks to the good resolution of the screen and the space which is sufficient.
During embroidery: it is best to cut as many threads as possible as the work progresses. Indeed, the thread is not cut automatically inside the same color, if you wait for the end, it risks being stuck by a point. The final result will then be less clear.
Final result: we can say that the result obtained is quite satisfactory whether on a fabric such as cotton, sponge or on a thicker fabric such as jeans.
His advantages
On the Brother Innov-is M240ED, we like:

first of all, its low price which makes embroidery more affordable and accessible to everyone.
its easy handling, which is ideal for a beginner. Admittedly, it is rather intuitive, but a little reading of the user manual is however recommended. It is only 50 pages long and allows you to discover all the possibilities, but also to understand the different buttons, etc. ;
its color LCD touch screen which makes it even easier to use, but also very pleasant;
the fact that all controls are close at hand;
its LED lighting bright enough to allow good lighting of the work area, even when working on dark fabric;
the fact that the embroidery machine comes with most of the accessories necessary to be able to embroider. It should also be noted that in addition to Brother threads, which offer you a wide choice of colors, it is also possible to use threads from 3 other manufacturers.
Its disadvantages
Nevertheless, we appreciate a little less the following points:

it does only 400 stitches per minute;
the size of the embroidery field is a little restricted, even if it already allows the realization of many projects. In addition, once the machine is in hand, it is possible to combine different patterns to obtain one greater than 10×10 cm. For this, you must first embroider a design, then when finished, you move on to a second, possibly a third, etc. The whole thing will be to ensure that you place them correctly to give the impression that it is of a single embroidery, but it is something that can be done.
the fact that it is certainly possible to sew a little thick fabrics, but the presser foot does not lift very high, a little thick terry cloth, for example, may not pass.
Our Opinion on the Brother Innov-is M240ED
Despite these few small drawbacks, which are quite normal for a machine at this price, we have here a very satisfactory machine to start embroidery and thus discover this practice easily.

You will thus have the possibility of embroidering without having to ruin yourself. Its aesthetic is pleasing. There is nothing original about it, but its rounded shapes make it quite nice. In addition, it can be stored quite easily.

It is a family embroiderer that is not intended for intensive use, but with this machine, you will enjoy discovering embroidery and decorating your textiles and other creations with various and varied patterns. A condition of this, as recommended in the manual, at the time of starting, you will have to be careful to hold the upper thread to start your embroidery well. We also advise you to browse our selection of the best embroiderers of 2022 to discover our successful models.

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