Bernina 1008 sewing machine review
Bernina 1008 sewing machine review

Bernina 1008 sewing machine review

Introducing the Bernina 1008 sewing machine


Bernina is a family business that was founded more than 120 years ago in Steckborn, Switzerland. The company then expanded around the world and built a solid reputation for quality services. Since its creation, the Bernina 1008 sewing machine has been successful and has succeeded in becoming a “benchmark” in the world of sewing. This is a sturdy sewing machine that is simple to use. It has many features and offers a wide range of stitches. Its design is sober, but functional and that is the essential.

The technical characteristics of the Bernina 1008

Let’s take a closer look at the different technical characteristics of this sewing machine.

The Bernina 1008 offers 17 stitches.
Among these points, there is a buttonhole point, but also two ornamental points.
Stitches can be adjusted in length and width. You can choose from 5 different widths and the length can be adjusted using a specific slider.
The needle position is also adjustable and you will have the choice between 5 needle positions.
It is equipped with retractable feed dogs.
It has the free arm function.
It achieves 900 stitches per minute.
The machine is equipped with the Bernina CB (Central Bobbin) hook system which gives the sewing machine great regularity.
The thread tension can be adjusted manually.
Stitch selection is quick and easy.
It has an automatic bobbin filling system.

Its strengths
With its impeccable build quality, the Bernina 1008 is a machine with many strong points.

We especially appreciate the diversity of utility stitches offered by the machine, the possibility of making buttonholes and of having, despite everything, 2 decorative stitches. Which makes it a very versatile machine.
Thanks to its many settings, which will make your work easier, it turns out to be a practical sewing machine.
Its various basic equipment gives you the possibility of embarking on all kinds of tasks: you will be able to hem, retouch, but also sew creations from A to Z.
We like the narrow free arm and the retractable feed dogs which are significant adjustments depending on the work you want to do. These solutions simplify the sewing of children’s garments, sleeves, etc.
The Bernina 1008 stands out for its solidity. The brand also offers a 5-year warranty.
It is a mechanical sewing machine, which allows you to control the machine at will and thus offers a feeling of control over it.
Easy to use, it will be ideal for beginners, but will follow you as your skills evolve.
Thanks to the selection table, you can see at a glance the stitch you want, the presser foot to use, the position of the needle, but also the recommended stitch length and width.
Its weak points
Admittedly, it is a machine that brings together many positive points, but by looking carefully, we managed to unearth a few small weak points:

Its price, of course: indeed, it is a machine that turns out to be quite expensive. In view of its robustness and its characteristics, this price is totally justified. Nevertheless, it remains a big budget. It will therefore not be accessible to everyone.
Its very sober design, a little too sober. As the expression so aptly says: “it is not the habit that makes the monk”. Certainly ! But we would appreciate, all the same, that it had a look a little more eye-catching. If that doesn’t take away from her skill set, she would look even better with a slightly more elaborate design.


What types of audiences is it aimed at?
The Bernina 1008 is aimed at seamstresses and seamstresses whether they are beginners, amateurs, experienced, etc.

Indeed, it is a very simple machine to handle. Its ease of use therefore allows beginners to be able to turn to it. Especially if your wish is to have a sewing machine that can follow you as you evolve. Thus, with this sewing machine, there is no need to change machines in two years because it would have become too limited.

Nevertheless, at this price, to ensure the profitability of your purchase, it is better that you are certain that you will devote yourself to sewing on a sufficiently regular basis and this, for a certain time.

For amateurs or amateurs, again it is a very good choice. You already know that sewing and you are made to last. It can therefore be a good investment to allow you to carry out all kinds of work.

As a result, experienced or professional dressmakers and seamstresses can also find their interest in opting for the Bernina 1008.

Our opinion on the Bernina 1008 sewing machine
In conclusion, the Bernina 1008 is a sewing machine worth checking out. Nevertheless, this detour will have a considerable price, but it is the price of quality.

It is a robust and reliable sewing machine that can accompany you for many years. Moreover, the manufacturer has adopted ecological guidelines, including the longevity of its products, which allow the brand to finish distinguishing itself.

The purchase of the Bernina 1008 can therefore be called a sustainable and responsible purchase. It shines with its versatility, making it a machine that can suit anyone who wants to sew. It is easy to use and comes with all the accessories you may need, such as presser feet, screwdrivers, etc., to take full advantage of it.

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