review of the Elna Excellence 680+ sewing machine
review of the Elna Excellence 680+ sewing machine

review of the Elna Excellence 680+ sewing machine

Presentation of the Elna Excellence 680+ sewing machine


The Swiss brand Elna offers high-quality sewing, embroidery and overlocking machines. It wants to be innovative and designs machines that are easy to use. In an ecological concern, Elna sewing machines are robust and have a lifespan beyond our expectations. It is for this reason that Elna offers a 5-year warranty which is much longer than that of its competitors.

The Excellence 680+ machine is a special edition released on the occasion of the brand’s 80th anniversary. It is an electronic sewing machine that boasts rock-solid endurance and many features. It has been thought out to make life easier for its user and leave the field open to their creativity.

The technical characteristics of the Elna excellence 680+

Elna Excellence 680+
To accompany you through all your projects, the Excellence 680+ combines the following characteristics:

it is an electronic sewing machine;
it offers 170 utility and decorative stitches including the alphabet and numbers;
among its many stitches, you can choose from 10 buttonholes to be made in 1 step;
your settings can be made from a large LCD touch screen;
you can enjoy an extra large sewing space thanks to the extension table;
you will benefit from the “Superior System” needle threader;
thread tension adjustment is semi-automatic;
the pressure of the presser foot is adjustable according to the fabrics;
it is equipped with an adjustable knee lever and a pedal that allows you to cut the thread easily;
adjustable sewing speed can reach 1000 stitches per minute;
the lighting is done thanks to 6 white LEDs placed in different places;
it comes with many accessories such as 15 presser feet, 2 needle plates, etc. which can be stored in the space provided for this purpose;
the keys allow access to functions such as start/stop, reverse, tie-off with knot, up or down needle position, etc. ;
it is possible to temporarily memorize stitch combinations of up to 50;
it weighs 10 kg.

Its strengths
As you can see, it is a sewing machine that brings together many features.

We love the many possibilities offered by this sewing machine. Indeed, you can mark the clothes with the different letters available or make embroideries up to 9 mm wide. It is equipped with spool pins to be able to sew with the twin needle and so many other features.
The needle threader is very sophisticated and allows easy threading of the needle. On some entry-level machines, the needle threader can quickly break. Here, with the Superior System, we also benefit from a thread guide, which provides great precision in threading.
It is sold with many accessories and particularly multiple kinds of presser feet which allow you to carry out all kinds of sewing work.
The semi-rigid protective cover keeps the sewing machine dust-free between uses.
The many settings are easily accessible thanks to the LCD touch screen and its stylus which make selection easier.
We also appreciate the extension table which measures 50 by 30 cm and offers a comfortable work space.
It is a fairly simple machine to use, as there is a button for everything. So everything is identified and easily achievable.

Its weak points
The Excellence 680+ lives up to its name. Here are the weak points that we could associate with it:

Of course, it could be criticized for its rather high price, but with such characteristics, the price remains consistent.
We can blame him for his handling which requires a little time, but once again with a machine that brings together so many features, it is normal to need a little time to properly tame it. Just maybe a little caveat. Remember to reduce the speed until you have mastered your machine perfectly, because with 1,000 stitches per minute it goes very quickly and the fabric can quickly slip or your fingers drag.
What types of audiences is it aimed at?
It is a machine that is aimed at all types of audience. Nevertheless, we are not going to lie to each other, if you are a beginner, you will have to be patient to assimilate everything. Your learning will be simplified thanks to the many indications present on the sewing machine. On the other hand, with it, you can progress without having to change machines.

As it is still a significant investment, it is mainly aimed at an audience who sews on a regular basis. Indeed, it is not the ideal sewing machine for small touch-ups carried out on an occasional basis, although it will do the job perfectly, since it can do everything and well.

It will also be suitable for professional use: its power and sewing speed will allow you to enjoy good performance. As for its many features, they will allow you to carry out all your projects.

Our opinion on the Elna Excellence 680+ sewing machine
It is a sewing machine which, as its name suggests, aims for excellence. Its many positive points are proof of this. It is a versatile, robust sewing machine with many features. Admittedly, its price is a substantial budget, but you will get what you pay for. You will then have many features to discover. You can let your creativity speak, but also choose the fabrics you want. It is a very comfortable machine to use, even for sewing important pieces of fabric. Finally, you will benefit from a 5-year warranty. Elna lives up to its reputation for this exemplary sewing machine.

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