Brother Innovis 955 sewing machine review
Brother Innovis 955 sewing machine review

Brother Innovis 955 sewing machine review

Introducing the Brother Innovis 955 sewing machine

The brother Innovis 955, also called NV955, is not only a sewing machine, but also an embroidery machine. It is the replacement for the NV950.

With its lace patterns, the machine has a unique design, moreover, it takes up less space. It is an electronic machine. It therefore has an LCD screen which will greatly facilitate its use. In addition, this sewing and embroidery machine boasts great versatility.

The technical characteristics of the Innovis 955

The Brother Innovis 955 sewing and embroidery machine in detail:

electronic operation;
backlit, monochrome LCD touch screen;
129 stitches (utility and decorative);
70 embroidery designs and 100 more on the USB key, which can be inserted directly into the machine, to which are added 126 others on CD-Rom, for a total of 296 designs;
9 alphabets: 6 character fonts in the embroidery function and 3 in sewing;
embroidery speed is 400 stitches per minute, sewing speed is 710 stitches per minute;
possibility of modifying the size and direction of the patterns;
Maximum embroidery field of 10cm by 10cm;
automatic thread cutter;
automatic needle threader;
works with or without pedal;
worktop lighting;
5 year warranty on mechanical components and 3 years on electrical components.

Its strengths
Realize all your ideas with the brother Innovis 955. This very versatile sewing machine will accompany you in all your sewing and embroidery projects. Indeed, the many features you will have will allow you to carry out a large number of works.
You can even connect it to your computer and create new designs from embroidery software.
Its smaller size makes it easy to move. This is of great interest if you do not have a workshop.
We appreciate the simplified threading, as well as being able to choose the sewing speed and the length of the stitch.
The fact that it is silent, even when using the embroidery function, is really appreciable.
You will have the choice whether or not to use the foot pedal depending on your preference.
Finally, thanks to the great simplicity of handling the Brother Innovis 955, you can spend more time taking advantage of all its features than deciphering them.
You will benefit from a quality, durable machine with many advantages with which you can express all your creativity.

Its weak points
The NV955 sewing and embroidery machine lines up the good stitches and its weak spots are few. Nevertheless, it can be criticized for the size of the embroidery surface. This being 10 cm by 10 cm, it limits the size of your creations. As a result, the functionality to reduce or enlarge is also a victim of this limitation. This is the only criticism that can be made of the Brother innovis 955.

What type of seamstress is it for?
The Brother Innovis 955 is ideal for seamstresses and seamstresses from beginners to experienced.

It makes it possible to carry out sewing and embroidery work, thanks to a single machine. If the presence of electronic elements can, at first glance, give beginners the impression that it must be a little complex, it is not so. Once the grip is successful, its user will not need to change machine when he or she has acquired greater mastery in his art.

It is therefore an investment that will allow beginners to evolve without difficulty. The Brother was designed to meet your needs regardless of your current sewing level. So, even for the most experienced, the variety of its features will be a source of satisfaction.

Its lightness makes it easily transportable. It will therefore easily find its place in your workshop or in your home, if you do not have a workshop. In addition, the multitude of stitches and embroidery patterns it offers makes it possible to avoid having to multiply the machines and to be able to give life to a large number of ideas.

Our review of the Brother Innovis 955 sewing machine
As we have seen, the Brother Innovis 955 machine has many advantages. It offers exceptional sewing and embroidery quality that will delight all its users, from the most novice to the most experienced. It is certainly a substantial budget, but it is a reliable investment and offers good value for money. In addition to allowing you to choose from different stitches, numerous patterns, various functionalities such as the creation of automatic buttonholes, thanks to the power of its motor, you can also sew thick fabrics, imitation leather, etc. You You will have understood this sewing and embroidery machine, without a doubt, totally seduced us during our test.

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