Brother 2104D overlocker test and review

Newer sewing machines can produce pretty seams. But a keen eye can see that the finishes aren’t always perfect. The solution to obtain a professional look is to use a serger in addition for the finishes. The biggest fashion brands have developed their models, like Brother. After testing it, we give you our opinion on the Brother 2104D overlocker.

Introducing the Brother 2104D Serger

Brother makes a double promise to sewers when it comes to its Brother 2104D serger. First, make threading the machine as simple as possible. Because the appearance of a serger is often scary, even for sewing enthusiasts, and this often even proves to be a brake on the purchase. At the same time, allow in a single gesture to achieve professional finishes, with ease, by assembling, cutting and overcasting the fabrics.

Colored thread guide and simplified looper threading make it easier for seamstresses to use.

And in addition to betting on simplicity, Brother also takes into account the comfort of use and performance, thanks to the advanced features and the powerful motor of the 2104D overlocker, which deploys 1300 stitches/minute.

The price of the Brother 2104D overlocker is displayed at less than 300 €.

The technical characteristics of the Brother 2104D

Here are the main technical characteristics of the Brother 2104D serger:

1300 pts/min maximum;
3 or 4 thread overlock;
Cutting the fabric;
Stitch adjustable in width and length;
Adjustable presser foot pressure;
Color code for donning;
Simplified lower looper threading;
Differential tissue entrainment;
Rolled hem;
Narrow hem;
LED worktop lighting;
Free arm function;
Retractable knife;
Uses the same needles as a sewing machine;
Accessories: screwdriver, needle, storage bag, pliers….
User manual and DVD;
Weight: 6.5kg;
3 year warranty.

Its strengths
Simplifying machine setup is a real plus of the Brother 2104D overlock machine. If it is true that the presence of 4 spools of threads can question those who have never used this type of equipment, the instructions and the initiation DVD delivered with the machine allow you to quickly understand the principle and to easily master its operation.
The color coding and simplified threading of the lower looper also makes it easier to put on the serger.
At the level of the points, the seamstress has the choice between the overlock with 3 or 4 threads and the installation of straight or rolled hems. The points are adjustable in width and length, to adapt well to the type of work undertaken.
The differential feed adapts to the fabric for an impeccable finish. In particular, it prevents the fabric from puckering unintentionally during sewing. It stays perfectly in place, smooth, for perfect assembly, cutting and overlocking.
The thread anti-twist system also contributes to a professional look and ideal sewing conditions, as do the LED lighting, the free arm or even the presser foot pressure adjustment.
The knife is removable.
The Brother 2104D serger is upgradable. In addition to the accessories already supplied with the machine, spare parts including new presser feet are marketed.
Note that the Brother 2104D overlocker is compatible with sewing machine needles. This can be a source of savings by reusing the material already held for his sewing machine that the serger comes to complete.
The powerful motor allows you to sew up to 1300 stitches per minute. However, he knows how to be discreet because this serger is not very noisy.
An integrated accessory box is provided to keep your sewing equipment close at hand. The cover allows you to store your machine away from dust.
The Brother 2104D serger is made of sturdy plastic and comes with a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Its weak points
Unlike some of its competitors, the Brother 2104D serger comes without a spool of thread. Beginners will therefore have to plan an additional budget to build up their first sewing equipment.
This also means that it is not pre-strung and ready to use. The seamstress will therefore have to complete the process before being able to test her serger and embark on her first creations.
The Brother 2104D serger also comes with a single presser foot, when other models have several. Here again, you will have to put your hand in the wallet to perfect your equipment with presser feet sold individually.
Neither did Brother directly integrate a waste bin to collect cut fabric scraps. This accessory is however available as an option for those who wish it.

Which seamstress is it for?
Brother considers its 2104D serger as intended for beginner and intermediate levels of sewing. The ease of use actually makes it an ideal first serger.

But more experienced seamstresses may also be interested in this model. Because its design and its functions have little to envy to a professional serger.

The Brother 2104D serger will particularly appeal to seamstresses who have a limited budget but who do not want to compromise on quality.

Also, the scalability of the device with the many optional accessories available is an asset for those who want a scalable serger, perfectly suited to their needs, over the long term.

Our opinion on the Brother 2104D overlocker
The Brother 2104D serger is full of advantages. Ideal for beginners but not only, it seduces by its ease of use. The finishes made using the serger are very well executed. The price-performance ratio is good, despite the need to quickly buy additional elements, if only the spools of thread.

4.7/5 - (3 votes)

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