Singer 14SH644 serger test and review

Singer is a reference brand in terms of sewing. It is therefore natural that we find sergers in its range. Are they up to the sewing machines that made its reputation? We have tested the Singer 14SH644 serger for you and we give you our opinion.

Introducing the Singer 14SH644 Serger

It is a particularly complete material that Singer delivers with the 14SH644 overlocker.

Like all sergers, this device has been designed to cut, sew and overcast fabrics in a single step. But where the 14SH644 serger stands out favorably from its competitors is that it allows you to sew two fabrics at the same time.

It therefore offers great versatility, with the work of thin or thick fabrics, including the production of hems. The stitches made are neat and precise, ensuring the aesthetics of the work and the solidity of the seams.

Budget level, the indicative price recommended by Singer is 369 €. This puts the Singer 14SH644 serger in the middle price range for such equipment.

Technical characteristics of the Singer 14SH644

Here are the technical characteristics of the Singer 14SH644 serger:

1300 stitches per minute;
4 thread spools;
2 needles;
2 loopers;
Voltage adjustable for each coil independently;
Telescopic thread guide;
Automatic Thread Cutter;
Automatic ejection of the presser foot sole;
LED lighting ;
Simplified threading;
Color code for donning;
Removable upper knife;
Fixed lower knife;
Convertible needle plate;
Stitches adjustable in width and length;
Accessory kit.

ts strengths
The Singer 14SH644 serger is sold ready to use and the spools are pre-installed. This is a real plus for beginners, who can see how the machine is threaded and get to work quickly.
When renewing the thread cones, the preparation of the Singer 14SH644 serger is made easier thanks to a color code that helps to position the threads of the 4 spools correctly and to adjust the tension, one by one. The telescopic thread guide also contributes to this. The threading of the left looper is simplified and the sole of the presser foot with automatic ejection. Within a short time, the serger is ready for use again.
But the most notable highlight for the Singer 14SH644 serger, given its range, is its ability to sew multiple fabrics at once. This is a rare feature for a serger that even higher end machines don’t have. It is close to professional equipment. Just like the rendering of sewn overlocks.
Adjusting the stitches in width and length delivers very high quality work. Among the points, we find the overcast and the rolled, the latter being rather intended for fine fabrics.
The LED-lit worktop is a real comfort for the seamstress, who will be able to work with precision and resume her work at any time, regardless of the surrounding natural light.
As for the free arm function, it quickly becomes essential for hemming sleeves and trousers.
With its two needles and its powerful motor that can sew up to 1300 stitches per minute, the work progresses quickly when working on the Singer 14SH644 serger.
The accessories provided allow you to maintain your equipment at no extra cost for the first uses, which is very appreciable.
The device is equipped with a carrying handle, to move its equipment at will.
Its selling price of €369 represents a substantial budget, but remains reasonable for an overlocker whose prices can soar much higher.

Its weak points
The Singer 14SH644 overlock user manual is detailed and illustrated. However, the seamstress will have to familiarize herself with the technical terms used, which are not necessarily familiar to beginners. The drawings and diagrams have the merit of existing but are not always the most explicit.
Only 4 stitches can be made with the Singer 14SH644 serger: 3-thread overlock, for overlocking and sewing common fabrics; the flat 3-thread overlock, for assembly and decorative seams; the 3-thread overlock, for rolled and decorative hems; the ultra-stretch 4-thread faux-safety stitch, for stretch fabrics, double jersey… This number of stitches is much more limited than on other competing overlockers.
Also, it is not possible to work with only two threads, as other machines offer.
Which seamstresses is it for?
The most experienced seamstresses are the ones who most often consider using a serger. The 14SH644 has what it takes to meet most of their needs. However, even if it comes close in many ways, it is not a professional serger. For some projects, choosing even better equipped and more powerful hardware is preferable

Beginner seamstresses can also get started with this serger. With a little patience and perseverance, its use is within everyone’s reach.

And thanks to its features, the investment pays off in the long run.

Our review of the Singer 14SH644 serger
Our test allowed us to see that the Singer 14SH644 serger provides a result that meets the expectations that a seamstress can expect. It honors the reputation of the Singer brand. Despite having a limited number of stitches, the 14SH644 serger is still versatile and suitable for most projects.

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