Brother FS40S sewing machine review
Brother FS40S sewing machine review

Brother FS40S sewing machine review

The technical characteristics of the Brother FS40S

Brother FS40S
We have talked about the great versatility of the Brother FS40s, let’s see in more detail its technical characteristics.

It allows users to benefit from 40 stitches. You will have the choice between straight stitches, the zig-zag stitch, several decorative stitches, the overlock, other stitches dedicated to quilting, etc. Not to mention, that you will have the possibility of making buttonholes. These can be done automatically and in a single step.
These stitches can be adjusted not only in length up to 5 mm, but also in width up to 7 mm.
You will also benefit from the reverse function which allows the realization of reinforcement stitches.
It is equipped with a pedal with speed variator. You can thus start training with a slower speed and modulate it according to your needs.
The worktop is equipped with LED lighting which diffuses a uniform light to allow you to sew in good conditions, even in a low-light room.
The settings are made using various buttons and easily readable thanks to the LCD screen.
It has 6-head feed dogs which, in addition, can be lowered.
The free arm makes it possible to sew sleeves, trouser bottoms, etc. more easily.
The sewing machine is equipped with a storage compartment, which allows you to have all your accessories close at hand. It is removable.
The machine weighs 5.4 kg and is 44 cm long, 33 cm high and 21 cm deep.
It is characterized by a power of 43 watts.
The bobbin is placed horizontally and the bobbin holder is metallic.

Its strengths
When buying a sewing machine, the Brother brand is already a guarantee of quality. Furthermore :

this machine is robust thanks to its metal frame;
its use is very simple and therefore allows a fairly easy handling;
we appreciate the wide choice of stitches available, but also the different settings that can be made to meet all needs. Decorative stitches will allow you to personalize your projects to make them unique;
it allows a precise realization of the seams and this, whatever the fabric used;
it comes with a storage cover which is admittedly a bit light, but we appreciate being able to protect the sewing machine from dust between two uses;
likewise, it comes with basic accessories to get you started. It is thus delivered with 7 presser feet, such as the zig-zag foot, the buttonhole foot, the zipper foot, etc., several bobbins, a screwdriver, a seam ripper, instructions, etc. ;
another of its strengths is that, in addition to the 3-year warranty, spare parts are available for 8 years from the date of purchase.
finally, its price wins the golden palm of its advantages.

Its weak points
Although very efficient, we can note in the Brother FS40s some small weak points.

Admittedly, this is a sewing machine that will handle sewing on very different fabrics very well. Indeed, it sews fabrics such as flannels, jeans, etc. as well. However, it will show its limits if you want to sew large thicknesses of fabric.
We also regret the fact that the presser foot pressure cannot be adjusted.
However, these are details that can easily be forgiven given its price.

What types of audiences is it aimed at?
It is a sewing machine perfectly suited to beginner seamstresses, but not only.

Indeed, thanks to its different functionalities, it allows you to carry out all kinds of projects. It is therefore possible to choose this sewing machine for a good start without finding yourself too quickly blocked by a lack of versatility of the machine. Thanks to the FS40s you will be able to both progress and continue to carry out a wide choice of projects.

It is also very suitable for more experienced seamstresses who will appreciate this very affordable machine, but which offers very good quality stitches.

Our opinion on the Brother FS40S sewing machine
The Brother FS40s is therefore a very good choice of machine for carrying out your sewing work. If it is perfect for beginners, it can be chosen by more seasoned seamstresses who are looking for a sewing machine at an affordable price. Its different functionalities allow the realization of projects from the simplest to the most complex. In short, it is a sewing machine whose quality/price ratio could not be more interesting.

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