Singer 14SH654 serger test and review

After more than 165 years of experience, the Singer brand remains a reference in terms of sewing. But it faces increasing competition. Do its products still stand up to comparison? To find out, we tested the Singer 14SH654 serger for you and we give you our opinion.

Introducing the Singer 14SH654 Serger

The Singer 14SH654 serger is a featherweight. It is one of the lightest sergers, weighing less than 7 kg on the scale.

But that does not mean that its functionality has been reduced, far from it. This small entry-level serger perfectly complements the work of a sewing machine thanks to its versatility, its different stitches and its ability to serger, join and cut all types of fabrics.

On a budget level, the price of the Singer 14SH654 overlocker is around €250.

Technical characteristics of the Singer 14SH654

Here are the main technical characteristics of the Singer 14SH654 serger:

1300 stitches per minute;
4-spool serger;
2 needles;
2 loopers;
Offers different stitch types: Flatlock, Overlock, Hems;
Stitches adjustable in width and length;
Differential drive system;
Self-ejecting presser foot sole;
Color code on wire paths;
Simplified threading of the left looper;
Telescopic thread guide;
Adjustable cutting width;
Removable upper knife;
Fixed lower knife;
Convertible needle plate;
Free arm;
LED lighting ;
Accessories: screwdriver, needles, pliers.
Carrying handle.

Its strengths
A seamstress can enjoy letting her creativity run free with the Singer 14SH654 serger. This reference is able to sew all fabrics, including extra-fine and elastic, such as stretch, jersey… Many projects can thus be carried out using this reference.
To ensure perfect finishes, several types of stitches can be made: flatlock to assemble two flat fabrics, overlock for stretch fabrics, hems for fabric edges, overlock…
These are adjustable in width between 3 and 6.7 mm and in length between 1 and 4 mm, which guarantees strong and durable seams.
The differential ensures the correct drive of the materials worked, whatever their thickness.
The excess fabric is cut at the same time using two knives. The upper knife is removable while the second, lower knife is fixed.
The worktop consists of a removable part. It can therefore be modified if necessary, notably providing a free arm function for greater range of motion when hemming, for example, or any other tubular part to be worked.
The LED lighting of the work table allows you to overlock in ideal conditions, regardless of the surrounding light.
With a maximum rate of 1300 points per minute, progress is rapid and voluminous works, requiring many hours of work, can be envisaged.
Threading the Singer 14SH654 serger is easy to set up, even for those who are not used to this manipulation. In particular, Singer has provided a simplified threading for the left looper and a color code on the four threading paths. A telescopic thread guide completes the device.
The sole of the presser foot is automatic ejection, allowing you to easily change material and use a presser foot adapted to your project. It is possible to purchase them individually, as an option, according to your needs.
Because the Singer 14SH654 serger is an evolving machine. Singer offers spare parts that fit easily.
With a selling price of around 250 €, the price-quality ratio is favorable.

Its weak points
The first weak point is noted upon receipt of the Singer 14SH654 overlock machine, even before it is started: there are no thread cones provided. This is quite rare, most competing brands providing the necessary, even for entry-level sergers. The seamstress must therefore provide additional spools to be able to start assembling and overlocking. Even though thread cones are cheap and easy to find, it can put off using the serger and cost a few extra dollars.
Also, this means that the serger is not pre-threaded. Even if aids simplify this operation, it would have been nice to have a serger ready to use and to be able to observe the path of the threads for the first time.
Also, it sometimes happens to the Singer 14SH654 to hang. Fortunately, this remains rare.
The manual is French and is not always supplied with the device. It can be requested from Singer and is also available online.

Which seamstress is it for?
A beginner seamstress can choose the Singer 14SH654 serger for her first work. The simplified threading allows her to quickly get to grips with the machine, and, thanks to her versatility, she can progress at her own pace without being limited.

This ability to sew all fabrics is also attractive for experienced seamstresses, who take on very different and often very technical projects.

The price of the Singer 14SH654 serger makes it accessible to as many people as possible. Those on a budget can afford it. Its good value for money is the assurance of making a lasting and profitable investment.

Our opinion on the Singer 14SH654 serger
The Singer 14SH654 serger passed our test with flying colors. Despite the absence of instructions in French, threading and use are intuitive enough for the machine to be taken in hand after a few uses. Very functional, we appreciated being able to work on different materials. The price-performance ratio is largely convincing and lives up to Singer’s reputation

4.8/5 - (5 votes)

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