Brother Innovis 15 sewing machine: Test and review

Want to buy a new sewing machine? Whether you are a professional or a particular lover of manual activities, choosing your new sewing ally can be a real headache. We offer you a crash test on the Brother Innovis 15, an inexpensive sewing machine, ideal for getting started. But then, what is behind such an attractive price? Our team takes out its magnifying glass and its critical sense, to offer you a complete spotlight and an objective opinion of the Brother Innovis 15.

Introducing the Brother Innovis 15 sewing machine

Brother is a brand created in Japan in 1908. If we associate it today with many digital objects, our team had to point out that the brand owes its beginnings to the design of sewing machines. If the printing sector is more than buoyant for the group, Brother continues to innovate to offer you sewing machines for all budgets.

Creator of the very first domestic sewing machine 100% of Japanese origin, the country owes part of its economic growth to the brand. It is by betting on an often unrivaled quality/price ratio that Brother quickly stands out from its European competitors. It is therefore the most popular brand for individuals wishing to carry out simple works and small extra sewing at home.

The Brother Innovis 15 fits perfectly into this momentum, since it is a simple and efficient model, offered at a very low price. We lend you our expert eye to give you an objective opinion on this sewing machine. What is this cheap sewing machine really worth? Does it really meet all your desires? It’s time to shed some light on the Innovis 15.

The technical characteristics of the Innov-is 15

Here are the different technical characteristics of the Brother Innov-is 15:

Mains-connected electronic sewing machine
42 watt motor
Presence of 16 different stitches
Three automatic buttonholes
An LCD screen allowing the display of the space between the points. This screen also displays any operating errors detected automatically by the device.
Ability to simply lower the feed dogs
Stitch adjustment up to 5mm in length and 7mm in width
Automatic Thread Cutter
LED lighting
free arm
Needle stop position up or down
Reverse possible and automatic reinforcement stitch
Sewing speed regulator
Possibility to sew with or without pedal
Thread tension adjustment
Free-motion function
Protective cover included
Dimensions: 41 x 30 x 19cm
Weight: 6.2kg
Its strengths
Let our team review the strengths of the Innovis 15 sewing machine:

The main advantage of the Innovis 15 is, unsurprisingly, the ease of handling the device. It is very far from complex machines whose too many options could lose a beginner seamstress.
The manual is also a tool. Explanations on paper or in video of the brand are accessible to all.
The LCD screen makes it easier to use. It allows for example to point out an error in the settings requested from the device.
Speed ​​adjustment is a must for beginners. The Innovis 15 allows you to choose between slow, careful sewing and large lines of stitches carried out at full speed. A fairly simple way to adapt to the level of the owner of the machine or the complexity of his work.
For a sewing machine version devoid of unnecessary options, it is nonetheless accompanied by a multitude of accessories to offer you many possibilities. You will be able to take advantage of a large number of different feet and small accessories that make life easier for budding seamstresses.

Its weak points
Here are the weak points of the Innovis 15 after an objective test by the hands of the Bouillon de Couture team:

The first point on which the brand seems to have sinned is the aesthetic side. A simple design would not have been disturbing. Here, we are talking about the materials used and the finishes of the device which leave a little to be desired. The plastic seems, for example, quite thin considering the type of product. The brand offers machines at similar prices with fairings that are a little less similar to this toy side reproached to the Innovis 15.
The machine only offers 16 different stitches. Despite the possibility of adjusting the width and length of the stitches, the possibilities remain limited for an experienced seamstress.
Test: What type of seamstress is it for?
Our test of the Innovis 15 was faster than any before it. If we only transcribe the most significant tests in our articles, we always test all the stitches available on each sewing machine. The model tested having only 16 modes, we chose to make simple assemblies of different thicknesses of fabric in a straight line or following curves.

Our test is conclusive, it is an excellent machine for beginners. The ease of handling the object is disconcerting. We pushed our curiosity so far as to have it tried out by a young woman who had never had this type of device in her hands. Thanks to the instructions for use and the brand’s explanatory diagrams, our guinea pig quickly made his first lines of sewing.

We are firmly convinced that the brand’s strategy was to offer a simple model, devoid of sharp options that could confuse a novice. It is therefore, without hesitation, a first choice sewing machine.

Our opinion on the Innovis 15 sewing machine
Brother therefore offers us a model without fuss, stripped of all features that would not have their place in the hands of an amateur. A successful bet for the brand since, despite offering many stitches, the Innovis 15 seems robust and performs the works we submitted to it to perfection. We therefore emphasize its quality / price ratio entirely in correlation with the proposed use. We have also selected this model in our selection of the best Brother sewing machines for 2022.

At Bouillon de Couture, we tend to think that you should always buy a sewing machine according to your needs and skills. So there is no need to confuse your mind with complicated models. The simplicity of the Innovis 15 also rhymes with efficiency and pleasure!

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