Kimberbell Holiday & Seasonal Mug Rugs Vol. 1
Kimberbell Holiday & Seasonal Mug Rugs Vol. 1

Kimberbell Holiday & Seasonal Mug Rugs Vol. 1

Stitch Up the Seasons with Kimberbell’s Holiday & Seasonal Mug Rugs Vol. 1!

Calling all embroidery enthusiasts and crafters with a love for cozy corners! If you’re looking for a way to add a touch of seasonal charm to your home decor throughout the year, then look no further than Kimberbell’s Holiday & Seasonal Mug Rugs Vol. 1 Machine Embroidery CD (KD507). This delightful collection offers a treasure trove of festive designs, making it the perfect companion for your embroidery machine.

Unwrapping the Magic: What’s Included?

This CD-ROM is jam-packed with everything you need to create 11 adorable “in-the-hoop” mug rugs, each designed to fit a standard 5″ x 7″ embroidery hoop. Here’s a breakdown of what you’ll find inside:

A Mug Rug for Every Season:

The true magic of Kimberbell’s Holiday & Seasonal Mug Rugs Vol. 1 lies in the variety of designs it offers. Let’s take a peek at some of the delightful mug rugs you can create:

  • Winter Wonderland: Bundle up with a charming snowman mug rug, complete with a playful scarf and buttons.
  • Springtime Symphony: Welcome the blooming season with a vibrant flower-themed mug rug, a perfect pop of color for your kitchen counter.
  • Summertime Fun: Celebrate the sunny days with a whimsical butterfly or a refreshing watermelon design.
  • Autumn Delights: Embrace the fall harvest with a mug rug featuring a plump pumpkin or a cluster of colorful leaves.
  • Festive Cheer: Get ready for the holidays with a delightful Santa mug rug, a sparkly snowflake design, or a classic Christmas stocking.

Beyond the Basics: Embellishing Your Mug Rugs

While the embroidery designs themselves are undeniably charming, Kimberbell’s mug rugs are a blank canvas for your creativity. Here are some ways to take your mug rugs to the next level:

  • Fabric Selection: Play with different fabrics to match the season and your personal style. Use flannel for a cozy winter mug rug or opt for brighter cottons for spring and summer designs.
  • Embellishments: Don’t be afraid to add a touch of sparkle! Buttons, ribbons, beads, and even small pieces of felt can add a unique dimension to your mug rugs.
  • Quilting: For added texture and stability, consider quilting your mug rugs after the embroidery is complete. Simple straight-line quilting or a more elaborate free-motion design can elevate your creations.
  • Binding: Finish off your mug rugs with a beautiful binding that complements the fabric and design. Bias binding tape or a simple turned-and-stitched edge are popular options.

The Perfect Gift for the Crafter in Your Life (or Yourself!)

Kimberbell’s Holiday & Seasonal Mug Rugs Vol. 1 Machine Embroidery CD makes a fantastic gift for any embroidery enthusiast. It’s a thoughtful present that keeps on giving, offering endless possibilities for creative expression. But don’t wait for a special occasion – treat yourself to this delightful collection and bring a touch of seasonal charm into your crafting space!

Beyond the CD: Resources and Inspiration

The Kimberbell brand is known for its vibrant online community. By joining their online forums or social media groups, you can connect with other crafters who are using the Holiday & Seasonal Mug Rugs designs. Share your creations, get troubleshooting tips, and discover even more inspiration for your mug rug projects.

In Conclusion: Stitching Up Joy, One Mug Rug at a Time

Kimberbell’s Holiday & Seasonal Mug Rugs Vol. 1 Machine Embroidery CD is more than just a collection of designs – it’s an invitation to celebrate the joy of embroidery and seasonal cheer.

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