Singer Simple 3210 sewing machine review
Singer Simple 3210 sewing machine review

Singer Simple 3210 sewing machine review

Introducing the Singer Simple 3210 Sewing Machine

Since 1851, Singer has been offering ever more efficient sewing machines capable of meeting different needs. The Simple range from Signer is therefore aimed at people looking for simplicity while enjoying a high-performance machine.

The design of the Singer Simple 3210 sewing machine is nice. It is sober with a touch of pink that brightens up the whole and gives it a feminine touch. It is a low-cost machine that makes sewing accessible to everyone. It is now not necessarily necessary to plan a large investment to be able to sew from home.

The technical characteristics of the Singer Simple 3210

Like all the machines in this range, the Singer Simple 3210 is therefore a mechanical machine which is used with a rheostat placed on the floor. The following technical characteristics can be listed:

it brings together 10 stitch programs;
or 7 stitches (straight stitch, zig-zag stitch, etc.), 2 decorative stitches and the buttonhole stitch;
stitches can be adjusted in length;
it allows you to make buttonholes in 4 steps;
it is equipped with 6 feed dog heads;
as well as an extra-high presser foot;
arrows and numbers allow possible threading;
it has the reverse function;
its power is 70 watts for the machine and 15 watts for the lighting of the workspace, i.e. a total of 85 watts;
it achieves 750 stitches per minute;
it is equipped with a free arm;
it benefits from a metal frame for a robust machine;
its dimensions are 42.4 x 34.4 x 23 cm and its weight 7.5 kg

Its strengths
This sewing machine benefits from the know-how of the Singer brand and its expertise. Thus, it brings together different advantages.

It has good power and the high-performance drive characteristic of the brand.
Its extra-high presser foot allows sewing thicker fabrics with ease.
It has the basic functions that allow you to carry out various sewing projects.
Its very attractive price and its good characteristics make it a sewing machine with a good quality/price ratio.
We appreciate its sober design with its little touch of originality, provided that you like the color pink, of course.
It is also rather light, which allows it to be moved, all the more easily since it is equipped with a carrying handle. So you can take it out only when you need it and store it in a cabinet as soon as you’re done.
We appreciate its ease of use which makes it a good machine to start well. It is easy to handle. The different settings are made using different knobs and the threading is indicated using arrows and numbers.

Its weak points

If it brings together major advantages for a sewing machine of this price, it still has some negative points that we can highlight.

The release of the presser foot is not similar to that of most models. Here it is necessary to pull it forward.
The instructions for use are not systematically provided in French. It may therefore be necessary to download it directly from the Internet or watch explanatory videos if you find yourself lost.
Singer also offers a range of Tradition sewing machines and the two ranges are substantially similar. We can therefore wonder about the interest of having made two ranges.
What kind of seamstresses is it aimed at?
The Singer Simple 3210 sewing machine, as its name suggests, is very simple. We can therefore already tell you that if you want a little more than the essential features, it is better to turn to another model.

This model will meet the expectations of all those who wish to start sewing without having to make a big investment. First, because when you start, you are not always sure to really get started and second, because it is sometimes better not to risk being overwhelmed by the possibilities.

It can also satisfy sewing enthusiasts who are looking for a machine for making alterations, sewing occasionally, etc. It can also be used as a second machine if you have preferred an embroiderer, for example. As for more experienced seamstresses, they may be disappointed by the excessive simplicity and the limits of this sewing machine and therefore its possibilities.

Our review of the Singer Simple 3210 sewing machine

To conclude, the Simple 3210 allows you to enjoy a reliable sewing machine at a low price offering the basic features. It offers good results and will allow you to carry out your various projects.

It is undoubtedly less well equipped than some machines of higher ranges, but it is quite competitive in its price range. Its excess of simplicity can be seen by some as a weak point, but it can prove to be a real asset for others, because it facilitates its handling.

This is a model that will delight beginners or occasional sewers, but it can also be a good machine for a teenager who wants to take their first steps in sewing. Once you accept the fact that it is a machine that performs the basic stitches, it is a very interesting model, which benefits from Singer’s know-how and robustness.

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