unpack your embroidery machine
unpack your embroidery machine

unpack your embroidery machine

f you’re here it’s most likely as a result of you’re procrastinating taking your new embroidery machine out of the box – if you’ve chatted to American state at any purpose you’ll recognize that I’m on a mission to induce machines out of boxes therefore you’ve return to the proper place!!

It would be nearly not possible to allow step by step directions for each reasonably embroidery machine or craft cutting machine however here is a few ethical support to induce you started – typically that’s the toughest part!

Here’s some facilitate to induce you started!

Unbox Your Embroidery Machine

Get that box out of the manner – having it stare at you from the corner of the area may be daunting! Embroidery machine boxes tend to be pretty large due to all the artifact to shield our precious merchandise which may build it appear a touch scarier.

Look for a “Getting Started Guide”

Most embroidery machines go together with some reasonably QuickStart or obtaining started guide which may be useful simply to induce you going and realize all the proper buttons etc. Have a glance through it however don’t worry if everything doesn’t add up nonetheless, it’ll be helpful once you’re at the machine and dealing through it step by step!


Basic Tips to induce You Started

If you’re a seasoned machine needleworker simply obtaining the droop of a brand new machine, then be happy to skip this bit.

If this can be your 1st EVER embroidery machine – YAY! You’re getting ready to begin a very fun, artistic journey. there’s a learning curve with embroidery and I’m unsure we have a tendency to ever extremely stop learning however here square measure some sensible tips to induce you started together with your 1st project:

Embroidery thread is completely different to stitching thread and therefore the styles square measure created with this in mind therefore you can’t use unspecified thread you’ve got handy for embroidery. you are doing ought to use Embroidery Thread

Likewise with reel thread, it tends to be a distinct weight to regular thread that is vital for maintaining sensible tension. not like with stitching wherever you modify your reel to match your prime thread usually, machine embroiderers tend to simply use black and/or white reel thread for many comes unless you’re performing on a project wherever the rear of the embroidery are visible (for example Free Standing Lace (FSL)).

You might have received some reel thread together with your machine – i do know most Brother embroidery machines typically go together with a spool and a few loose bobbins and Echidna can usually embody some prewound bobbins with embroidery machine price add packages. Check those out before you head intent on the retailers to shop for some!



Stabilizer! You’re getting ready to stab your material thousands of times with a needle (that plumbed a lot of violent than I intended! haha) and therefore the thread goes to place a good quantity of strain thereon therefore it wants HELP! There square measure some instances wherever you don’t use stabilizer or numerous sorts for various functions however to stay things straightforward here – cut away and take away stabilizers square measure your new best friends! In extremely straightforward terms, the a lot of stitches your style has, the a lot of facilitate your material can want. this can be a touch like baking a cake occasionally, it’s all regarding finding the proper mixture of ingredients except for commonest materials with a pocket size style (around 10x10cm), cut away or take away are perfect!

Embroidery needles square measure a must! once more you’ve most likely received some together with your new machine to induce you started. the foremost common size I in person use may be a 75/11. The sizes square measure written on the needles in bitty little writing therefore grab out your Echidna stitching magnifying ruler to assist you if you’ve got one (or my mum’s hack of exploitation her phone to require a photograph then zooming in).

Use the proper reel case. If you’ve purchased associate embroidery solely machine then this won’t apply to you however if you’ve purchased a Brother stitching and embroidery combination machine, you’ll over seemingly have a spare reel case in your kit. you’ll suppose it’s simply there as a spare however as a bunch folks learnt from point of entry Walker at the NZMEA finish of Year operate in Nov 2018, one reel case is for stitching and one is for embroidery! Mind blown!
Why does one want two? for stitching you are doingn’t usually ought to modify your reel tension except for embroidery you do. therefore you’ll be able to have each set at the settings you would like to swap them out simply after you ought to switch functions on your machine. The one with the insufficient inexperienced blob (this may be a technical term haha) is that the one for stitching.


Make a simple 1st project

We all have massive dreams of the items we wish to make with our machines and affirmative that’s why we have a tendency to bought them however there’s a learning curve to learning machine embroidery and learning a brand new embroidery machine therefore begin slow to induce into the swing of things.

Jumping into a giant project on the primary go and having one thing fail may be extremely unsatisfying therefore decide on alittle, fast win with the primary project – it’ll provide you with confidence and set you up for fulfillment with successive one!

We’ve all been there therefore don’t be too laborious on yourself!

Just Push the Go Button!
✔️Thread your machine

✔️Wind your reel and place it in

✔️Select a style from the machine

✔️Hoop up your material and stabilizer

✔️Put your hoop on the machine

✔️And press 🟢GO 🟢!

Use that as a list if you would like to.

If you continue to can’t bring yourself to press the go button…
Let’s play “what’s the worst that may happen”:

It doesn’t go – if your button lightweight continues to be red make certain your presser foot is down (some machines you would like to try to to this manually)
The design doesn’t set out right – that’s whole fine, this can be simply a take a look at style. If it doesn’t work you’ll be able to drawback solve the difficulty and check out once more. This happens to all or any folks from time to time.
Your tension is off and your reel thread is peeking through to the highest of the embroidery. once more this can be a take a look at style therefore that’s whole ok! Adjusting the stress isn’t that intimidating and it’s a very repairable issue that we have a tendency to all cope with from time to time.
You have some puckering on your material – this can be a repairable issue
You break a needle, we have a tendency to all break needles from time to time. It’s not the top of the globe.

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